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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 11/08/2020

Playlist du 11-08-2020 :

1.the transcendence orchestra – nothing is real(slight return)

2.mogwai – the winter`s not forever

3.darkstar – blurred

4.califone – flowed gtr

5.sufjan stevens – the red desert

6.jon hassell – unknown wish

7.troels hammer – black belt

8.julianna barwick – nod feat. Nosaj thing

9.luke Schneider – anteludium

10.coyote – jomo

11.khruangbin – first class

12.bobbie gentry – courtyard(2020 rmx)

13.dallas acid – I fägelns sang

14.el michels affair – villa

15.sonic boom – my echo, my shadow and me

16.jarv is(aka Jarvis cooker) – am I missing something?

17.john prine – everything is cool

18.bob Dylan – I contain multitudes

19.ray la montagne – we`ll make it through

20.rose city band – floating out

21.dead famous people – the great unknown

22.trees speak – psychic wounds

23.bananagun – taking the present for granted

24.tobias – pcm1

25.sven wunder – hot winds arrive

26.uzun  havalar – görünmezhava

27.red axes – shelera

28.holy hive – floating back to you

29.durand jones&the indications – is it any wonder?

30.the streets feat. Rob Harvey – conspiracy theory freestyle

31.fred und luna – frische luft

32.the residents feat. Black francis – die!die!die!

33.massive attack vs. Algiers – eutopia#1

34.snakefinger&the vestal virgins – there`s no justice in life

35.july – henry`s squirrel

36.the five americans – con man

37.pretty things – scene one:the good mr. square/she wastall,she was high

38.pottery – hot like jungle

39.fontaines d.c – televised mind

40.nadine shah- buckfast

41.john foxx and the maths – new York times

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 04/08/2020

Dj Morpheus ‘s epic choice :

1.martin denny            quiet village

2.gigi masin                 goodbye kisses  

3.troels hammer             black keys

4.conjoint                      earprint nr.5

5.kelpe                           on a clear day

6.moses sumney               insula

7.sendelica&secret knowledge&the orb                      windmill

(consterdine`s Floyd mix)

8.jon hassell                        cool down coda

9.mogwai                          major treat

10.dark star                       forest

11.sven wunder                       kokorebi

12.rafael anton irisarri                         blue tomorrows

13.lemongrass                       golden coast

14.four tet                              romantics

15.steve cobby                       the common weal

16.ben shemie                       the river

17.sussan deyhim                    narabeboos

18.fleetwood mac                        man of the world           peter green R.I.P

19.kutiman                                 mgorongoto

20.el michels affair                      kill the lights

21.plone                                       sweet factory

22.brigitte bardot                          sidonie

23.woods                                      the void

24.khruangbin                             father bird, mother bird

25.modern studies                       Jacqueline

26.julianna barwick                       inspirit

27.dead famous people                     to be divine

28.sonic boom                                just a little piece of me

29.jarv is(aka Jarvis cocker)                          sometimes I am pharaoh

30.pretty things                              parachute

31.nadine shah                               prayer mat

32.bananagun                               freak machine

33.camera                                   gizmo

34.blancmange                        not really(virtual reality)

35.dominic  sonic                       when my tears run cold      dominic sonic RIP 

36.rowland  s. howard                      sleep alone

37.pottery                                     hot heather

38.dallas acid                            zavana

39.fred und luna                         thore` magnetique

40.kaytranada   feat.charlotte day Wilson                           what you need

41. the streets feat.tame impala                       call my phone thinking i`m doing nothing better(excerpt)

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 18 mars

1.vermont-“katzenjammer”.2.mindex-“softer than delicate” feat. Tetsuroh konishi.3.jon porras-“apeiron”.4.dino valenti-“to the end of the world”.5.william fitzsimmons-“blood/chest”.6.metronomy-“month of Sundays”.7.beck-“wave”.8.wild beasts-“pregnant pause”.9.flash-“suan”.10.metronomy-“im Aquarius”.11.unflesh-“belly of the beast”.12.tuxedomoon-“toreador del amor”.13.colo-“the view from nowhere”(monokle rmx).14.rk nagati-“de lorient alorion”.15.kwes-“purple hands”(Joe Goddard rmx).16.neneh cherry-“spit three times”.17.kadebostany-“castle in the snow”.18.peter hammill&gary lucas-“this is showbiz”.19.axhan sonn-“acs 20”.20.ricardo tobar-“mirror”.21.patten-“old arc”.22.the central executives-“a walk in the dark”.23.indigo-“sea of stars”.24.tristesse contemporaine–“do what I want”(moscoman vs. capeblanca version).25.machinedrum-“on my mind”.26.weeknight-“dark light”(com truise rmx).27.pharrell Williams-“gust of wind”.28.moodymann-“I get werk”.29.danton eeprom-“melodrama in Cinerama”.30.ogris debris vs. Ella Fitzgerald-“c`mon sunshine”.31.ten walls-“Mongol”.32.fever tree-“love makes the sunrise”.33.zerfas-“I need it higher”.34.os mutantes-“baby”.35.the 31st of February-“wrong”.36.dead meadow-“endian bones”.37.the paupers-“think I care”.38.the Berkeley kites-“Alice in wonderland”.39.small faces-“green circles”.40.skin alley-“skin alley serenade”.41.tv ghost-“five colors blind”.42.the human beinz-“april 15th”.43.the monks-“oh, how to do how”.44.the fall-“jetplane”.45.temples-“colours to life”.46.tokyo police club-“hot tonight”.47.c.a.r-“rotten”(ivan smagghe edit).48.hidden fees-“so what”.49.christian Prommer-“zoo bretu”.50.grupo  zygote/doctor zygote-“raga”.

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 11 mars

1.harold budd&bill nelson&fila brazillia-“blue locus”.2.nils frahm-“dedication,loyalty”.3.william fitzsimmons-“hold on”.4.mindex-“snowfall”.5.wiley-“born in the cold”.6.downliners sekt-“silent ascent”.7.pagan poetry-“wonderworld”.8.neneh cherry-“across the water”.9.alfred panou&art ensemble of Chicago-“je suis un sauvage”.10.son lux-“alternate world”.11.bachar mar-khalife-“yas nas”(nlf3 rework).12.kadebostany-“hey!”.13.mr. scruff-“render me” feat. Denis jones.14.family of the year-“hero”.15.larry heard-“flight of the comet”.16.danton eepron-“hex tape”feat. Emma darling.17.waylon Jennings-“we had it all”.18.beck-“waking light”.19.wild beasts-“nature boy”.20.id3-“away”.21.dino valenti-“so close to you”.22.suzanne vega-“song of the stoic”.23.whilst-“postcard from a robot”.24.patten-“softer”.25.ricardo tobar-“straight line in the water”.26.indigo-“sunrise”.27.patrick Cowley-“out of body”.28.il est vilaine-“lame de fond”.29.volta cab-“tonight”.30.arthur Russell-“chill pill”(underwater mix).31.opus 3-“its a fine day”.32.eno&amp;hyde-“the satellites”.33.poldoore feat. The 49ers&amp;bodhilynn-“heard it all before”.34.moodymann-“come2 me”.35.the stepkids-“sweet salvation”.36.pharrell Williams-“hunter”.37.the tornados-“telstar”.38.fever tree-“wild woman ways”.39.os mutantes-“le premier Bonheur du jour”.40.the 31<sup>st</sup> of February-“a different kind of head”.41.half a world away-“confusion”.42.zerfas-“I dont understand”.43.small faces-“donkey rides,a penny a glass”.44.guru guru-“woman drum”.45.the paupers-“magic people”.46.skin alley-“better be blind”.47.temples-“the guesser”.48.younghusband-“left of the rocks”.49.tv ghost-“cloud blue moments”.50.the amazing snakeheads-“here it comes”.51.marc pinol-“clef iii”(alejandro paz rmx).52.ashra-“oasis”

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 4 mars

1.nils frahm-“somewhere nearby”.2.william fitzsimmons-“lions”.3.harold budd with brian eno-“wind in lonely fences”.4.indigo-“keerthana”.5.donovan-“the mountain”.6.minor rain-“before the storm”.7.mindex-“time resonance”.8.kaiori breathe-“raindrops”.9.beck-“cycle/morning.10.patten-“here always”.11.dino valenti-“star rider”.12.ricardo tobar-“essen”.13.wild beasts-“a dogs life”.14.the mamas&amp;papas-“midnight voyage”.15.mason Williams-“wonderlove”+”shes gone away”.16.suzanne vega-“Jacob and the angel”.17.son lux-“easy”.18.besnine-“feel alive”(jumo rmx).19.pagan poetry-“wonderworld”.20.kadebostany-“goodbye”.21.neneh cherry-“422”.22.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-„cest normal“.23.milagres-„idnyl“.<wbr></wbr>24.gayngs-„the gaudy side of town“.25.christian Prommer with beanfield-„duckwalk“.26.<wbr></wbr>intension-„forest 5am“.27.peshay-„midnight express“.28.magic drum orchestra-„seven will ate itself“.29. falty dl-“danger”.30.patrick Cowley-“tides of man”.31.zerfas-“the piper”.32.the human beinz-“close your eyes”.33.the 31<sup>st</sup> of February-“the greener isle”.34.a perfect circle-“crestes”.35.fever tree-“imitation situation”.36.small faces-“the journey”(single version).37.the tiffany system-“wayward one”.38.younghusband-“dromes”.<a href="http://39.tv" target="_blank">39.tv</a> ghost-“ a maze of death”.40.skin alley-“cemetery scene”( from stop veruschka! The unreleased soundtrack album(1970).41.guru guru-“Samanthas rabbit”.42.the who-“pure and easy”.43.the knack-“the hard way”.44.the freeze-“for j.p.s”.45.the normal-“almost ready”.46.villagers-“occupy your mind”.47.temples-“a question isn`t answered”48.ashra-“kazoo”.49.broken English club-“boxes”.50.hotlane-“on my own”(radio mix).51.new Jackson-“made it mine”.52.whilst-“umgebung”.

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 25 février

1.aeollah-“tien Fu: heaven’s gate”(excerpt)(from the compilation I am the center).2.harold budd with robin Guthrie-“how distant your heart”.3.tree bosiek-“walk with flashlight”.4.mindex-“return”.5.shiri malckin-“the poet ii”.6.richard tobar-“back home”.7.william fitzsimmons-“well enough”.8.donovan-“dark-eyed blue jean angel”.9.nilsson-“wasting my time”.10.aeroflot-“balloon”.11.sergey suokas-“nature song”.12.intension-“intension”.13.gacha-“atlas”feat.natalie beridze tba.14.minor rain-“cloudburst”.15.actress-“dont”.16.son lux-“enough of our machines”.17.tim rose-“the dealer”.(live 97).18.singularis-“the quiet life”.19.the mamas&amp; the papas-“twelve thirty”.20.leyland Kirby-“breaks my heart each time”.21.illum sphere-“liquesce”.22.maricopa-“this way forever”.23.nirvana-“girl in the park”.24.small faces-“afterglow of your love”(single version).25.suzanne vega-“portrait of the knight of wands”.26.lo fang-“when were fine”.27.patrick Cowley-“mocking bird dream”.28.pagan poetry-“another earth”.29.neneh cherry feat. Robyn-“out of the black”.30.christian prommer-“shanghai nights”.31.red axes-“too late to samba”.32.bert on beats-“arriba”.33.magic drum orchestra(aka bigga bush&partner)-“regga samba”.34.lord august&the vision of light-“let me be me”.35.the human beinz-“two of a kind”.36.barclay james harvest-“pools of blue”.37.mu-“aint no blues”.38.younghusband-“silver sisters”.39.the who-“glow girl”.40.the 31<sup>st</sup> of February-“a nickels worth of bennys help”.41.the knack-“baby talks dirty”.42.the scabs-“leave me alone”.43.the lewd-“kill yourself”.44.temples-“the golden throne”.45.tones on tail-“means of escape”.46.i love lucy-“spin!”.47.associates-“associates”.48.<wbr></wbr>temples-“mesmerize”(richard Norris mix).49.whilst-“goyas skull”.50.poldoore-“nothing left to say”(rmx).

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 18 février

1.andy partridge&Harold budd-“anima mundi”.2.mindex-“one day in cocoon”(feat. Yana blinder)(dubstep mix).3.shiri malckin-“4get”.4.son lux-“lanterns lit”.5.tree bosier-“fantaisie”.6.nilsson-“one”(alternate version).7.kevin ayers feat. Bridget st.john-“Jolie madame”.8.gene Clark-“tears of rage”.9.gacha-“new grass”.10.andrew ashong-“never dreamed”.11.james vincent mcmorrow-“post tropical”.12.gwenno-“golau arall”(islet rmx).13.blue for two-“ships”.14.nirvana-“Pentecost hotel”.15.the mamas and the papas-“the right somebody to love(Shirley temple)/safe in my garden”.16.suzanne Vega-“horizon(there is a road).17.lady june-“touch-downer”.18.tim rose-“natural thing”.19.christian Prommer-“where is the sun” with beanfield.20.actress-“rap”.21.bryan ford-“shoe tree”.22.singularis-“puffinls”.23.shlohmo&jeremih-“no more”.24.todd Osborn-“5th ep”.25.intension-“forest”(yoggyone rmx).26.illum sphere-“ghosts of then and now”.27.christian Prommer- feat. Thomas hien-“wonders of the world”(marc dold rmx/radio edit).28.patrick Cowley-“school daze”.29.GTO-“im in love with the Ooo Ooo man”.30.munk and rebolledo-“surf smurf”(rebolledo version).<a href="http://31.dj" target="_blank">31.dj</a> qu-“eden”.32.younghusband-“<wbr></wbr>sunstroke”.33.count&amp;the colony-“symptoms of love”.34.the 31<sup>st</sup> of February-“free”.35.small faces-“long agos and world apart”.36.the human beinz-“the face”.37.gold-“favours from the sun”.38.mu-“mumbella baye tu la”.39.wimple winch-« the last hooray « .40.swell maps-« real shocks ».41.the knack-« (shes so)selfish”.42.the skunks-“earth quake”.43.temples-“sun structures”.44.tones on tail-“now we lustre”.45.killing joke-“democracy”(nin rmx).46.wild women and the savages-“bang! Youre dead”(vox low rmx)47.martin rev-“baby baby”.48.suicide-“swearinto the flag”.49.red axes-“kicks out of you”feat.abrro.50.atom tm-“ich bin meine maschine”(boyz noize rmx).

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