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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 25 février

1.aeollah-“tien Fu: heaven’s gate”(excerpt)(from the compilation I am the center).2.harold budd with robin Guthrie-“how distant your heart”.3.tree bosiek-“walk with flashlight”.4.mindex-“return”.5.shiri malckin-“the poet ii”.6.richard tobar-“back home”.7.william fitzsimmons-“well enough”.8.donovan-“dark-eyed blue jean angel”.9.nilsson-“wasting my time”.10.aeroflot-“balloon”.11.sergey suokas-“nature song”.12.intension-“intension”.13.gacha-“atlas”feat.natalie beridze tba.14.minor rain-“cloudburst”.15.actress-“dont”.16.son lux-“enough of our machines”.17.tim rose-“the dealer”.(live 97).18.singularis-“the quiet life”.19.the mamas&amp; the papas-“twelve thirty”.20.leyland Kirby-“breaks my heart each time”.21.illum sphere-“liquesce”.22.maricopa-“this way forever”.23.nirvana-“girl in the park”.24.small faces-“afterglow of your love”(single version).25.suzanne vega-“portrait of the knight of wands”.26.lo fang-“when were fine”.27.patrick Cowley-“mocking bird dream”.28.pagan poetry-“another earth”.29.neneh cherry feat. Robyn-“out of the black”.30.christian prommer-“shanghai nights”.31.red axes-“too late to samba”.32.bert on beats-“arriba”.33.magic drum orchestra(aka bigga bush&partner)-“regga samba”.34.lord august&the vision of light-“let me be me”.35.the human beinz-“two of a kind”.36.barclay james harvest-“pools of blue”.37.mu-“aint no blues”.38.younghusband-“silver sisters”.39.the who-“glow girl”.40.the 31<sup>st</sup> of February-“a nickels worth of bennys help”.41.the knack-“baby talks dirty”.42.the scabs-“leave me alone”.43.the lewd-“kill yourself”.44.temples-“the golden throne”.45.tones on tail-“means of escape”.46.i love lucy-“spin!”.47.associates-“associates”.48.<wbr></wbr>temples-“mesmerize”(richard Norris mix).49.whilst-“goyas skull”.50.poldoore-“nothing left to say”(rmx).

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