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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 18 février

1.andy partridge&Harold budd-“anima mundi”.2.mindex-“one day in cocoon”(feat. Yana blinder)(dubstep mix).3.shiri malckin-“4get”.4.son lux-“lanterns lit”.5.tree bosier-“fantaisie”.6.nilsson-“one”(alternate version).7.kevin ayers feat. Bridget st.john-“Jolie madame”.8.gene Clark-“tears of rage”.9.gacha-“new grass”.10.andrew ashong-“never dreamed”.11.james vincent mcmorrow-“post tropical”.12.gwenno-“golau arall”(islet rmx).13.blue for two-“ships”.14.nirvana-“Pentecost hotel”.15.the mamas and the papas-“the right somebody to love(Shirley temple)/safe in my garden”.16.suzanne Vega-“horizon(there is a road).17.lady june-“touch-downer”.18.tim rose-“natural thing”.19.christian Prommer-“where is the sun” with beanfield.20.actress-“rap”.21.bryan ford-“shoe tree”.22.singularis-“puffinls”.23.shlohmo&jeremih-“no more”.24.todd Osborn-“5th ep”.25.intension-“forest”(yoggyone rmx).26.illum sphere-“ghosts of then and now”.27.christian Prommer- feat. Thomas hien-“wonders of the world”(marc dold rmx/radio edit).28.patrick Cowley-“school daze”.29.GTO-“im in love with the Ooo Ooo man”.30.munk and rebolledo-“surf smurf”(rebolledo version).<a href="http://31.dj" target="_blank">31.dj</a> qu-“eden”.32.younghusband-“<wbr></wbr>sunstroke”.33.count&amp;the colony-“symptoms of love”.34.the 31<sup>st</sup> of February-“free”.35.small faces-“long agos and world apart”.36.the human beinz-“the face”.37.gold-“favours from the sun”.38.mu-“mumbella baye tu la”.39.wimple winch-« the last hooray « .40.swell maps-« real shocks ».41.the knack-« (shes so)selfish”.42.the skunks-“earth quake”.43.temples-“sun structures”.44.tones on tail-“now we lustre”.45.killing joke-“democracy”(nin rmx).46.wild women and the savages-“bang! Youre dead”(vox low rmx)47.martin rev-“baby baby”.48.suicide-“swearinto the flag”.49.red axes-“kicks out of you”feat.abrro.50.atom tm-“ich bin meine maschine”(boyz noize rmx).

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