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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 11/08/2020

Playlist du 11-08-2020 :

1.the transcendence orchestra – nothing is real(slight return)

2.mogwai – the winter`s not forever

3.darkstar – blurred

4.califone – flowed gtr

5.sufjan stevens – the red desert

6.jon hassell – unknown wish

7.troels hammer – black belt

8.julianna barwick – nod feat. Nosaj thing

9.luke Schneider – anteludium

10.coyote – jomo

11.khruangbin – first class

12.bobbie gentry – courtyard(2020 rmx)

13.dallas acid – I fägelns sang

14.el michels affair – villa

15.sonic boom – my echo, my shadow and me

16.jarv is(aka Jarvis cooker) – am I missing something?

17.john prine – everything is cool

18.bob Dylan – I contain multitudes

19.ray la montagne – we`ll make it through

20.rose city band – floating out

21.dead famous people – the great unknown

22.trees speak – psychic wounds

23.bananagun – taking the present for granted

24.tobias – pcm1

25.sven wunder – hot winds arrive

26.uzun  havalar – görünmezhava

27.red axes – shelera

28.holy hive – floating back to you

29.durand jones&the indications – is it any wonder?

30.the streets feat. Rob Harvey – conspiracy theory freestyle

31.fred und luna – frische luft

32.the residents feat. Black francis – die!die!die!

33.massive attack vs. Algiers – eutopia#1

34.snakefinger&the vestal virgins – there`s no justice in life

35.july – henry`s squirrel

36.the five americans – con man

37.pretty things – scene one:the good mr. square/she wastall,she was high

38.pottery – hot like jungle

39.fontaines d.c – televised mind

40.nadine shah- buckfast

41.john foxx and the maths – new York times

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du mardi 18/09/12

1.land observations-“battle of Watling street”.2.woolfy vs. Projections-“cherry blossoms”.3.the xx-“missing”.4.the beauty room-“the last calling”.5.flying lotus-“between friends”.6.mazzy star-“into dust”(haito edit).7.lukid-“the life of the mind”.8.stratus-“abandoned village”.9.the gaslamp killer feat.gonjasufi-“apparitions”10.sagittarius-“the blue marble”.11.hidden orchestra-“spoken”.12.tempelhof-“electrify your vacuum”.13.robert hood-“slow motion Katrina”.14.soire`e-“walking on the moon”.15.niki&the dove-“dj ease my mind”(twin shadow rmx).16.fine times-“hey judas”.17.adrian Sherwood-“greenleaves”.18.the orb feat. Lee scratch Perry-“go down evil”.19.conveyor-“woolgatherer”.20.cat power-“sun”.21.helvetia-“nothing in rambling”.22.asaf avidan-“reckonin song/one day”(wonkelmut rmx).23.neneh cherry&the thing-“dream baby dream”(four tet rmx).24.afterglow-“dream away”.25.blonde on blonde-“spinning wheel”.26.the lemon pipers-“wine and violet”.27.the smoke-“odyssey”.28.pasteque-“donna summer says”.29.dan deacon-“manifest”.


Lysergic Factory / playlist du 21 août

1.willits+sakamoto-“releasing”.2.stratus-“butane”.3.hidden orchestra-“vorka”(radio edit).4.anchorsong-“darkrum”(kid kan evil rmx).5.cat power-“cherokee”(Nicolas jaar rmx).6.dream koala-“we can`t be friends”.7.graph rabbit-“only fields”.8.michael medical-“india graffiti-true”.9.para one-“lean on me”(salva rmx).10.soul sugar-“drum song”. 11.audio fugitives-“distant memories”.12.barbara moore-“steam heat”.13.the Dubliners feat. Barney mckenna-“I wish I had someone to love me”.14.king dude-“jesus in the courtyard”.15.grasscut-“blink in the night”.16.the pentangle-“light flight”.17.dos cafundos-“topaaca”. 18. Stones throw-“chrome canyon generation”.19.dry the river-“demons”(king james rmx).20.j.dilla-“ride wit it”+”say my name”.21.yasmine-“samar”.22.parisian-“melaparte”.23.junior wells Chicago blues band-“messin with the kid”.24.101 strings-“flameout”.25.arzachel-“azathoth”.26.the collectors-“Lydia purple”.27.merrell fankhauser and h.m.s bounty-“rich man`s fable”.28.wild nothing-“paradise”.29.diamond rings-“i`m just me”.30.paul banks-“the base”.31.allah las-“don`t you forget it”.32.slugabed-“mountains came out of the sky”(arp 101 rmx).33.lorn-“weigh me down(mono/poly rmx).34.moon duo-“sleep walker”.35.the last royals-“only the brave”.36.bush tetras-“too many creeps”.37.christopher walken&phillippo ronsulio-“walken”.38.digmatic element-“just friends”.39.why?-“sod in the seed”.40.enigma dubz-“we at war”.41.matthew dear-“fighting is futile”.42.hussle club-“children of the underground”.43.add n to(x)-“murray`s space shoes”(plug me in disco rmx).44.the present moment-“alone”.45.reno wurzbacher-“mode one”.46.t.e.e.d-“dream on”.47.admin-“eskimo”(mia doree rmx).48.the netz-“my my hey hey”(Alex gray rmx).

Lysergic Factory – 28/09/10 + 5/10/10 – Playlist

Play lists of Morpheus lysergic factory of the 28/9+ 5/10

1.nosaj thing-“fog”, 2.mark McGuire-“clear the cobwebs”, 3.pale sketcher-“supple hope”(2009 mix),4.ratatat-“drugs”, 5.michael Nesmith& the second national band-“you are my one”,6.kausseldorf-“boxing”,7.the skywatchers-“rhythm of ashes”,8.the flaming lips-“Gemini syringes”,9.teebs-“king bath tub”+”why this”,10.hidden orchestra-“undergrowth”, 11.the books-“group autogenics 1”,12.david sylvian-“money for all”+”world citizen”, 13.röyksopp-“coming home”+”the fear”.14.people like us&wobbly-“naked little girl”+”giant love ball”,15.roedelius-“durch die wüste”, 16.tim Hardin-“all I knew”,17.beaver&Krause-“another part of time”,18.shockheaded peters-“bloodbrother be”,19.duffstep-“my kiss”, 20.modeselektor-“catse geil”,21.ahu/paul white-“to:love”,22-astaron-“burst out”,23.bot`ox-“blue steel(still going rmx)”,24.jewrhytmics-“misirlou(omfo rmx),25.nuphio-“40 thieves”,26.narbert rocal-“love me”(good guy mikesh&filbert rmx),27.shigato-“grandma`s words rise out of the stone”,28.shit robot-“I got a feeling”,29.goldfrapp-“believer(little loud rmx)”,30 superpitcher-“holiday hearts”,31.egyptian hip hop-“round pot”,32.ghost hunter-“island Barbados(allez allez rmx)”,33.the field-“caroline”,34.a place to bury strangers-“ego death(figo rmx)”,35.kalbata/easy star all stars-“dubber star of the moon”+”sugar plum dub”,36.conjasufi-“the caliph’s tea party(mark Pritchard rmx)”,37.e.m.a.k-“aranea”,38.bruce haack/farad-“snow job”+”program me”,39.aloe black-“I need a dollar”+”femme fatale”,40.south central-“demons”(Nietzsche vs. nurture mix),41.yelle-“la mousique(discodeine rmx)”,42.brainticket-w.l,43.traksboys-“yellow birds(tbd rmx)”,44.goose-“words”,45.luke million-“octobussy(brenan green version)”,46.rjc-“spirit of the planets”,47.dane&roh-“del sur”,48.the project club-“intro”(ray mang rmx), 49.donso-“musow”+”hunters”,50.these new puritans-“hologram(salem rmx),51.oh land-“sun of a gun”,52.groove armada feat. Bryan ferry-“shameless”, 53.ideal-2schöne Frau Mit geld (losoul version), 54.maximum balloon feat. David Byrne-“apartment wrestling”. 55.semifinalists-“odd situation(sound shower rmx)”,56.gingy bordello-“vaporize(mt 89 rmx)”,57.wall in the golden afternoon-“gulf coast highway”,58.n./c.o.m.b.i-“framing hot”,59-o children-“heels(Mugwump rmx), 60. The Beatles-“come together (a. beadle edit).

Lysergic factory 12&19 october 2010 – Playlist

1. Tim Hardin-„once touched by flame“. 2.robert Wyatt-“lullaby for Irene”.3.teebs-“burner”.4.the skywatchers-“do you want to go to space young man!”+”the lunar tune”.

5. conjasufi-bears in heaven rmx.6.röyksopp-“the alcoholic”.7.david sylvian-“pure genius”+”angels”. 8. Aloe black-“miss fortune”+”life is hard”.9.o children-“fault line”.

10. mujuice-“sreg”+”estre enough”.11.aksak maboul vs. kesai allstars-“land dispute”+ optimo vs. konono no.1-“wumbauzanga”.12.happy the man-“starborne”.

13. Bruce hack-“ancient mariner”.14.e.m.a.k-“film musik”.15.futurisk-“army now”. 16. comix-“touche pas mon sexe”. 17. The durutti column-“black horses”.

18. Zombie zombie-“escape from LA”: !9:ae`rea negrot-“hair”.20.from Norway-“heathen burial”(orig.)+(trulz and robin rmx). 21. Bruce Johnston-“pipeline”. 22. marbert rocel-“goya”(juju&jordash rmx).23.chicken lips-“she fish”.24.aeroc-“my love the wave break”. 25. Jimmy castor-“say Leroy”. 26. blakula-“miss morgue”. 27. bodycode-“imitation lover”.28.cfef-“before and after light”. 29. eskmo-“cloudlight”.30.blixaboy-sci-fi jack”. 31. Maximum balloon feat. Aku-“tiger”. 32. Peter Gordon-“roses on the dance floor”.

33. wire-“two minutes”.34.silje nes-“the grass harp”. 35. lovers-“boxer”.36.superhumanoids-“wombats Tokyo (superhumanoids rmx). 37. escort-“cocaine blues”. 38.silver swans-“secrets”.39.the temper tramp-“resurrection(penguin prison rmx).40.the acron-“bobcat goldwraith(jokers of the scene dub)”.41.kisses-“kisses”.42.ratatat-“mahalo”+”we cant be stopped”.43.james blake-“klavier werke”. 44.nicolas jaar-“wouh”.+”love you gotta lose again” 45.nosaj thing-“1010”+”quest”.46.luke million-“italo journey(mighty mouse rmx)”.47.babe terror-“summer time our league(orig.+four tet rework)”.48.lawrence vs. seth troxler-“miles in aphrika(you and me edit)”.49.cos/mes-“Gomez land(tbd rmx)”.50.danso-“kono”. 51. The gaslamp killer feat.conjasufi-“when I’m in awe”.52.violens-“acid reign (in the trees mix)”.53.jewrythmics-“misirlou (omfo rmx) + (Pete Herbert rmx). 54. superpitcher-“who stole the sun”. 55.fennesz-“antonia”.56.underworld-“always loved a film(clement meyer rmx).57.coco rosie-“r.i.p burnface”.58.gold panda-“some dream china”.59.the glass-“four four letter(black van rmx).60.suddenly sunshine-“summer days(isan rmx).61.devin the dude-“jus` coolin`”.62.panacustica-“rat`s poem(prins Thomas rmx).

Lysergic Factory / playlists 14 & 21 septembre

Dj morpheus lysergic factory 14 & 21 of September play lists (in no particular order):

1. Oneohtrix point never feat. Antony-“returnal”, 2.coco Rosie-“lemonade”(edit), 3.holy fuck-“foxy”. 4. Ash ra temple/Manuel göttsching-“echo waves pt.2”. 5. people like us&wobbly-“pick up”+”bad news”. 6. röyksopp-“senior living”.7.dem.custico-“paz (paul white rmx)”.8.hidden orchestra-“antiphon”. 9. The books-“chain of missing links”.

10. The three lions-“you’ll win again”. 11. feluche-“la vie Cajun”. 12. Lee perry/junior marvin&the upsetters-„roots train no. 2“. 13. Roots manuva&wrongtom-„motion 82“&“proper tings juggled“. 14. e.m.a.k-“al` horizon clervaux”. 15. empire-“die vögel”. 16. Jacob korn-“slamduck”. 17. underworld-“Louisiana”. 18. Matias aguayo-“menta latte” ( prins Thomas rmx). 19. D.c salas-“peru”. 20. Azari&iii-“reckless with your love (tensnake rmx)”. 21. Flowers and sea creatures-w.l. 22.silver columns-“always on”.

23…locussolus-“throwdown”. 24. Farad&bruce haak-“party machine”+”the king”. 25. Axel krygiek-“tucumana”+”esclavo de olor”. 26. Collapsing new people-“seereen”.

27. flamingo-“neonbeat”. 28. Shit robot-“triumph”+”losing my patience”. 29. superpitcher-“Joanna”+”holiday hearts”. 30. Nosaj thing-“us”. 31. The bodies obtained-“into the light”. 32. Zombie disco squad-“hobo”. 33. macaw-“five minutes at the rain forest café”. 34. Style of eye&slagsmalsklubbe-“homeless (canblaster rmx). 35. The xx-“shelter (tiga rmx). 36. mia-“ghost story”. 37. Channel x-“freak show”. 38. maasa-“70`s born”. 39. The searchers-“love potion no. 9(Nicolas jaar edit)”. 40. The Beatles-“come together (a. beadle edit). 41. mux mool-“wolf tone symphony(paul white rmx)”. 42. Groove armada feat. Will young-“history (still going rmx)”. 43. detachments-“holiday romance (ta rmx). 44. Crimea x-“10 pm”. 45. Maurice aymard-“put some for Jules (gui botatto rmx). 46. Seven Saturdays-“the shallow end (white sea rmx). 47. How to dress well-“decisions”. 48. Pale sketcher-“can I go now (gone version)”. 49. Mark mc guire-“brain storm (for erin)”. 50. Ilya Santana-“erin”. 51. strafe-“set it off (walter gibbons mix)”.

52. Art department-“vampire night club”. 53. Benoit&sergio-“midnight people”. 54. c.o.m.b.i-“hey kook out”. 55. The count&sinden feat. Mystery jets-“after dark”.

56. Ost&kjex-“the yellow man”. 57. Worst friends-“neeves for none (eddie c. rmx)”. 58. Skream feat. Freckles-“give you everything”. 59. Hot chip-“hand me down your love (Osborne rmx)”.60.robert hood-“power to the prophet”. 61. Future beat alliance-“diagram”. 62. Scissor sisters-“fire with fire (rory Phillips mix)”. 63. Blamma blamma-“beyond 17( cage&aviary rmx)”.64.lissie-“in sleep(live)”. 65. dosh-2from the house of Caesar”..

Lysergic factory – 13/7/10 & 20/7/10 – Playlists

Pour les retardataires…

Playlists 13/7+ 20/7 of lysergic factory

1. Phantom band-“relax”. 2. Dirty soundsystem-“I remember the first time I heard your voice”. (Excerpt) 3. San Sebastianstrings-“the gypsy camp”

4. Yann tiersen-“Palestine (orig. + chapelier fou rmx) 5.sam salon-“you may not mean to hurt me” (Leo zero rmx) 6.mock&toof-“live at alipali”

7. Moon duo (wooden ships)-“stumbling 22nd street” 8.michael rother-“fernwärme”. 9. jaga jazzist-“bananpluer overalt” 10.tiefschwarz feat. Seth troxler-“trust(alt. version)

11.diskjokke&strangefruit-„ghost in the machine“ 12.ellen allien-„nuibuh“, 13.nicolas jaar-„materials“. 14. Giulio dj-„inner life“, 15.sleepy heads-„n.y is for jack asses“.

16. Sic-“the job” 17.richard Davis-“what you are”. 18. Thomas fehlmann-“Berliner luft Ikuss” (move d. mix). 19. Luca c&brigante-“faber”. 20. Angie reed-“I want/to love you” (Eric d. Clark rmx). 21. Mano le tough-“baby, let’s love” 22. !!!- “the hammer”. 23. Michael Jackson-“get on the floor”(holy ghost remix). 24. Oleg poliakov-“rescue me+ meditation house” 25.new-“easy”. 26. trentemoller-“silversurfer, ghost rider go!!!” 27. mount kimbie-“the field”, 28.mgmt-“its working” (air rmx). 29. Lcd soundsystem-“you wanted a hit” (soulwax rmx). 30. Kings of convenience-“the weight of my words”( four tet rmx). 31. Get a room-“so close to hell”. 32. David bowie-“please Mr. Gravedigger”

33. Lenny Ibizarre-“you make me chill”. 34. Mark e.-“plastic people”. 35. Guillume&the coutu-“unwelcome”. 36. jsbl-“the flu”(Dorian concept rmx). 37. Scan 7 feat.aaron Carl-“4 types of people (dj maurad rmx). 38. snax-“tired to talk” feat. G. riz. 39. bilal-“free”. 40. quantic-“dog with a rope”. 41. Perfume genius-“learning”. 42. Chilly Gonzales-“never stop” (rap mix). 43. ceo-“everything is gonna be alright”. 44. Husky rescue-“they are coming”(warrior one rmx). 45. Zero 7-“futures” (Carl Craig rmx). 46. unkle-“heaven” (live orch. Version). 47. School of seven bells-“half asleep” (lusine rmx). 48. Tokyo police club-“breakneck speed”(andy roark rmx).. 49. A-track-“trizzy turntup”.

50. The black keys feat. Rza&pharoahe monch-“dollaz&sense”. 51. diskjokke-“mosemrool”. 52. discodine-“flakewberg” (piloosky rmx). 53. monarchy-“love get out of my way” (Holy Ghost feat. Dixon rmx). 54. Eli Escobar-“love thing”(Dj Mehdi rmx). 55. violens-“doomed” (mgmt rmx). 56. Jimmy edgar-“hot raw sex”. 57. siriusmo-“1,2,3”. 58. phonique-“summer”. 59. Ogris debris-“night aery”. 60. hawake-“Monday comes and goes” (jota wagner rmx). 61, .rocha-“feel the love”(joakim+ g. wilson rmxs).

62. fortuna-“a radical bravery (sei a rmx). 63. Space ranger-“superstring”(rayko+ ajello rmxs). 64. enola-“proud to be something”. 65. ost&jex-“ cajuan…”.

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