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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Campus Info Our Story in the Alienverse (Kika) – lun 12/02/24 @ 17h – Playlist

OUR STORY‘Something Different Down Here’

Queer Gaze this please <3

Nous avons reçu Valérie, co-programmatrice des rencontres Our Story pour la série « Something Different Down Here » de ce week-end à la CINEMATEK. Et l’atelier d’écriture mené par luvan à la Maison Poème. On a aussi parlé Archives Lesbiennes et Invisibilisation.
Playlist :

Reinel Bakole – Crave (fwb)
Little Simz – Protect My Energy
Vale Poher – Richter (fr)
La Chatte – Rien (Claude Violante remix) (fr)
Anne Sylvestre – Les Gens qui doutent (fr, fwb)
Cha Cha Guitri – Non non non pas question (fr)
Duchess Says – I Repeat Myself
Michelle Gurevitch – Party Girl (Sainte Vie remix)
Gabby Start – Locals (Girls like us)

« I’ll Never Be Alone Anymore – The Story Of Skala Eressos Lesbian Community » par Cécile C. Simon, Anaïs Carayon et Anais Dupuis – Documentaire Radiophonique – Lun 15/11/21 @ 16h

En écho au Pink Screens Festival qui bat son plein, nous accueillons un documentaire radiophonique produit et réalisé par 3 réalisatrices françaises : Cécile C. Simon, Anaïs Carayon et Anais Dupuis. Nous y ferons la rencontre de représentantes d’une communauté lesbienne installée sur l’île de Lesbos. Une création en anglais, avec la musique de Lucie Antunes et une équipe artistique entièrement féminine.


This audio documentary immerses us in the lesbian community of Skala Eressos, a remote village situated on the island of Lesbos in Greece. Created in the 70s by a handful of women fueled with a desire of freedom and a compelling need to escape their homophobic countries, the community have welcomed more and more women from all over the world, reaching its peak in the 90s, before slowly declining in the late 2000s. Nowadays, the community is mainly formed by older lesbians. But they are not your typical 50 or 60 year old women. They party, they have sex, they have strong opinions and they speak their minds. What they say about their lives and their journeys is not only a precious testimony of a vanishing community that once changed so many women’s lives, but also a bridge to better understand lesbian culture.

A podcast written and produced by : Cecile Simon, Anais Dupuis and Anais Carayon
Interviews by Anais Carayon
Editing by Cecile Simon, Anais Dupuis and Soukaina Qabbal
Sound designed by Fanny Martin
Music by Lucie Antunes
Mastering by Jeanne Delplancq.

Au sujet des autrices :
Those three met in a lesbian bar 14 years ago. Anais D. became a publisher in a press group, Cecile is a photographer & director and Anais C. runs a magazine.

Cecile C. Simon
Cecile C. Simon is a photographer and a director based in Paris. Her work has been exhibited and published in various books and magazines. She’s been running a creative studio with Céline Barrère for 10 years now. They commit to a large scope of commissioned work : portraits, music videos, editorials, fashion films and advertisement.

Anais Carayon
After doing a thesis on the history of the new york city subway, Anaïs Carayon started her career as a journalist in a Parisian hip hop magazine. A few years later, she founded her own magazine, Brain, a mix of American magazines like Vice, The Fader, Dazed & Confuzed or even MAD. She also wrote several books (La Chose revue pop-porn, Lolchats, Nos commerçants ont du talent), produced close to 10 podcasts and more than a hundred episodes, and organized many events in Paris. Her dog is called Jean Claude.

Anais Dupuis
Anais Dupuis loves telling stories on both a social and a professionnal level. She started her carreer in the movie industry in France and Germany where she had the opportunity to work on fictions and documentaries. She also has been selected at the Berlin Festival Talent Campus, and was a receipient of the Nipkow Programm grant. She later worked as a publisher for print and digital publications and supervised the audio studio of a press group in France.

Radia #752 – « Mothers & Daughters » par BNA-BBOT pour Radio Campus Bruxelles – lun 26/08/19 @14h // REDIFFUSION jeu 29/08 à minuit

In the spring of 2018, the temporary lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters opened in Brussels. This opening brought together a community in deficit. In deficit of place, of celebration and of collective rituals. In the wake of this event whose near disappearance made its presence all more precious, Severine Irène V. Janssen X BNA-BBOT recorded testimonies, conversations and sounds. These recordings took place in the bar and outside the bar and resulted in this radiophonic piece.

BNA-BBOT is a Brussels-based organisation dedicated to the past, present and future sound memory of Brussels. Since 2000, BNA-BBOT generates a history and memory of the city through the stories and memories of its inhabitants. We’ve compiled closed to 20.000 items of sound data – witness accounts, snippets of conversations, monologues, songs, soundscapes and raw sounds – that form the history of the city. A kind of documentative experience over a very long course, which is not only intended to capture the voices and sounds that pass, but to also create multiple forms that can be heard and returned to the city. All this, in order to have the city actively rework its living memory, and the memory – both present and future – constantly reworked by the city.

Séverine Irène V. Janssen lives and works in Brussels. She studied philosophy but her passion for the way in which history is conceived, written, commented and transmitted, as well as her interest in memory as a political and aesthetic subject led her to take on coordination for BNA-BBOT in 2009.

Credits music :

Make Your Dreams TelevisionPlanète Concrète

Küss Mich Wund – Planète Concrète

Tropical vibration – Planète Concrète

What I WouldMC Mustaj


Production : BNA-BBOT, 2019

(Curated by Carine Demange & Radio Campus Bruxelles for Radia network)