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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 18/08/2020

Playlist du 18-08-2020

1jonny nash&Suzanne kraft- processing the negative

2.luke Schneider-derelictico

3.the swan and the lake-det ved jeg ikke

4.the transcendence  orchestra-overview effect

5.roger eno&brian eno-pewter

6.cavern of anti-matter-high street spasm


8.julianna barwick-safe

9.dallas acid-silk rain

10.jon hassell-fearless

11.ray lamontagne-summer clouds

12.holy hive-broom

13.darkstar-30   feat.laura groves

14.el michels affair-mufiecas

15.jarv is(aka Jarvis cocker)-swanky modes

16.damaged bug-goodby sunball

17.the residents-mama don`t go

18.sven wunder-magnolia

19.sonic boom-tawkin tekno

20.bananagun-mushroom bomb


22.fad gadget-back to nature

23.juniore-la verite nue

24.severed heads-bad mood guy

25.john foxx and the maths-my ghost

26.nyam nyam-fate/hate

27.blancmange-clean your house

28.cabaret Voltaire-why kill time(when you can kill yourself)

29.yello-out of sight

30.nadine shah-walk

31.howling-light on

32.fontaines d.c-a hero`s death

33.pottery-down in the dumps

34.blaue blume-lovable(trentemöller rmx)


36.carl craig feat. Francesco tristano-c beams glitter

37.rival consoles-still here

38.the primitive painter-psycho kinesis

39.virtual roots-sonar(virtual version) (ygal ohcyon low gravity edit)

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 11/08/2020

Playlist du 11-08-2020 :

1.the transcendence orchestra – nothing is real(slight return)

2.mogwai – the winter`s not forever

3.darkstar – blurred

4.califone – flowed gtr

5.sufjan stevens – the red desert

6.jon hassell – unknown wish

7.troels hammer – black belt

8.julianna barwick – nod feat. Nosaj thing

9.luke Schneider – anteludium

10.coyote – jomo

11.khruangbin – first class

12.bobbie gentry – courtyard(2020 rmx)

13.dallas acid – I fägelns sang

14.el michels affair – villa

15.sonic boom – my echo, my shadow and me

16.jarv is(aka Jarvis cooker) – am I missing something?

17.john prine – everything is cool

18.bob Dylan – I contain multitudes

19.ray la montagne – we`ll make it through

20.rose city band – floating out

21.dead famous people – the great unknown

22.trees speak – psychic wounds

23.bananagun – taking the present for granted

24.tobias – pcm1

25.sven wunder – hot winds arrive

26.uzun  havalar – görünmezhava

27.red axes – shelera

28.holy hive – floating back to you

29.durand jones&the indications – is it any wonder?

30.the streets feat. Rob Harvey – conspiracy theory freestyle

31.fred und luna – frische luft

32.the residents feat. Black francis – die!die!die!

33.massive attack vs. Algiers – eutopia#1

34.snakefinger&the vestal virgins – there`s no justice in life

35.july – henry`s squirrel

36.the five americans – con man

37.pretty things – scene one:the good mr. square/she wastall,she was high

38.pottery – hot like jungle

39.fontaines d.c – televised mind

40.nadine shah- buckfast

41.john foxx and the maths – new York times

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 04/08/2020

Dj Morpheus ‘s epic choice :

1.martin denny            quiet village

2.gigi masin                 goodbye kisses  

3.troels hammer             black keys

4.conjoint                      earprint nr.5

5.kelpe                           on a clear day

6.moses sumney               insula

7.sendelica&secret knowledge&the orb                      windmill

(consterdine`s Floyd mix)

8.jon hassell                        cool down coda

9.mogwai                          major treat

10.dark star                       forest

11.sven wunder                       kokorebi

12.rafael anton irisarri                         blue tomorrows

13.lemongrass                       golden coast

14.four tet                              romantics

15.steve cobby                       the common weal

16.ben shemie                       the river

17.sussan deyhim                    narabeboos

18.fleetwood mac                        man of the world           peter green R.I.P

19.kutiman                                 mgorongoto

20.el michels affair                      kill the lights

21.plone                                       sweet factory

22.brigitte bardot                          sidonie

23.woods                                      the void

24.khruangbin                             father bird, mother bird

25.modern studies                       Jacqueline

26.julianna barwick                       inspirit

27.dead famous people                     to be divine

28.sonic boom                                just a little piece of me

29.jarv is(aka Jarvis cocker)                          sometimes I am pharaoh

30.pretty things                              parachute

31.nadine shah                               prayer mat

32.bananagun                               freak machine

33.camera                                   gizmo

34.blancmange                        not really(virtual reality)

35.dominic  sonic                       when my tears run cold      dominic sonic RIP 

36.rowland  s. howard                      sleep alone

37.pottery                                     hot heather

38.dallas acid                            zavana

39.fred und luna                         thore` magnetique

40.kaytranada   feat.charlotte day Wilson                           what you need

41. the streets feat.tame impala                       call my phone thinking i`m doing nothing better(excerpt)

Lysergic Factory – DJ Morpheus – 26.02.2020

1-paul haslinger-“room3”

2.carla bley&andy shepperd&steve swallow-“on”

3.kelton prima-“in(tro)2”

4.arandel-“all men must die”

5.thore Pfeiffer-“urquell”

6.chris davis-“latitude”

7.jeff parker&the new breed-“after the rain”

8.masumi hara-“to live in the sea”

9.rejoicer-“my beans” feat.keren dun

10.bill fay-“filled with wonder once again”( band version)

11.lee ranaldo&raul refree-“alice etc.”

12.prefab sprout-“sleeping rough”

13.gigi masin-“calypso”

14.cabane-“take me home(pt1)”

15.amon tobin-“sounds like moths”

16.julien gasc-“we`re so in on love”

17.chromatics-“touch red”

18.marcus king-“beautiful stranger”

19.rose city band-“rip city”

20.mcnzi-“i`m alive”(from the motion picture yung soundtrack)

21.nicolas godin-“the border”

22.doctor fluorescent-“these are my eyes”

23.the left banke-“pretty ballerina”- steve martin R.I.P

24.david mcivor-“closing my eyes”(a Fleetwood mac cover)

25.beck-“everlasting nothing”

26.flue-“emsafarja”(from the 80`s beauty now for the future compilation)

27.baxter dury-“i`m not your dog”

28.peggy lee-“love song”


30.gil scott-heron-“me and the devil”(reimagining by makaya mccraven)

31.chris korda-“egungun”

32.tame impala/kevin parker-“patience”

33.the heliocentrics-“light in the dark”

34.DIJF sanders-“ravana”


36.zenobia-“yalla yalla”

37.dan deacon-“become a mountain”

38.hi-fi:wi-fi-“amarelo e tal”

39.the kaleidoscope-“keep your mind open”-chris darrow R.I.P

40.flamin` groovies-“slow death”- roy loney R.I.P

41.people like us-“till the end of time”

42.throbbing gristle-“almost like this”

43.wire-“off the beach”

44.jimi Hendrix and the band of gypsys-“machine gun”(live 70`)

45.carmen villain-“observable future”(d.k rmx)

46.niv ast&eliezer-« burning down the club” feat. Alf champion

47.holy fuck-“deleters” feat. Angus Andrew

48.andres-“harf green”

Campus Info – Du jazz qui ne manque pas d’Herr..

Michel Herr – Positive – 1 – The right choices ?

Jeff Herr – Manifesto – 7 – Moon glow

Maria Palatin – Spindrift – 1 – Spindrift

Mélanie de Biasio – A stomach is burning – 1 – Down

Anne Wolf trio – Amazon – 1 – Amazon

Mathilde Renault – Louana – 1 – Louana

Mikmâäk – #2 – 1 – The ineffable story of « Ronaldo Dumpt-y »


Midi Express – 10-09-2019 – Et glou et glou et glou Igloo Records

Alain Pierre – Sitting in some Café – 2 – The French

Nicolas Kummert Voices – One – 1 – Petit Simon Millionnaire

Comboio – Comboio – 6 – Bebè

Tibidi – Tibidi – 2 – Prélude

Jeremy Dumont Trioo – Resurrection – 3 – One Day

Serge Lazarevitch – Free Three – 3 – Cats in the Garden

Manu Louis – Cream Parade – 4 – Data Farm

Animus Anima – Résidence sur la Tere – 4 – Marée Basse

Eve Beuvens – Heptatomic – 6 – Les Rose de Saadi

JF Boliez – Lagune – 2 – Platinum

Jeff Herr Corporation – Manifesto – 5 – Love Charlatan

Big Noise Power Jazz New Orleans – 2 – Mississipi Mud


Lysergic Factory – DJ Morpheus – 27/08/2019

Morpheus-lysergic factory play list du 27/8/2019 :

1.five seasons-“blue trail”

2.emily a.sprague-“synth 3”

3.alphonse-“moan up”(ambient mix)

4.eno-“the end of a thin cord”

5.conrad Schnitzler&Schneider TM-“requiem für leia“

6.shigeto first-„saturn return“

7.robag wruhme-„advent“

8.lulu gainsbourg&scarlet johansson-„bonnie and clyde“( a serge gainsbourg cover)

9.takayuki shiraishi-“dark sea”

10.albrecht la`brooy-“afternoon carafe”

11.erik wollo-“under water”

12.mort garson-“ode to an African violet”

13.mndson-“ggardenn”feat. Pink siifu

14.kapitan  Alaska(aka  dori sadovnik)-„sendi“

15.pride(aka david axelrod&m.t axelrod)-“in the wilderness”

16.terrapin-“cirrus minor”(the black frame extract)(a pink Floyd cover)

17.kit Sebastian-“mantra modern”

18.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvdis-“to the mother of gods”

19.the godfather  of god/a hardy fox(of the residents) ripe tribute compilation/

-cult with no name-“I hate heaven”

20.hardy fox-“the bather”

21.hardy fox( from nachtzug soundtrack)-“gestern wird zu morgen“

22.coil-„love`s secret domain“(from love`s secret demise demos cd)

23.thom yorke-“twist”

24.pere ubu-“road is a preacher”

25.blaine l. reininger-“el dilemma del vampiro”(from the road movie-mädchen in koffer(and other results) soundtrack

26.vanishing twin-“language is a city(let me out)”

27.fay shapiro-“lama hit`ahavti”

28.dennis young-“somerset hills”


30.billy Mackenzie with b.e.f-“free”



33.damon locks&black monument ensemble-“from a spark to a fire”

34.neville brothers-“brother jake”

35.james brown-“dance, dance, dance to the funk”

36.mandrake paddle steemer-“the October country”

37.the accent-“red sky at night”

38.psychedelic porn crumpets-“digital hunger”

39.the seeds-“you took me by surprise”

40.station 17-“st. pauli der hat heute geburtstag“

41.the golden filter-„autonomy“

42-naked lunch-„breath“

43.cortex-„mind of darkness“

44.enzo kreft-„biometrics“

45.zig zag-„ca s`arrange pas“

46.yoko hatanaka-„more sexy“

47.marie davidson-„work it“(soulwax rmx)

48.manfredas-“mind machine” feat. Bozzwell

49.phil Kieran&douglas mccarthy-“fall rise”

50.haruomi hsono-“sports man”

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