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Lysergic Factory – DJ Morpheus – 27/08/2019

Morpheus-lysergic factory play list du 27/8/2019 :

1.five seasons-“blue trail”

2.emily a.sprague-“synth 3”

3.alphonse-“moan up”(ambient mix)

4.eno-“the end of a thin cord”

5.conrad Schnitzler&Schneider TM-“requiem für leia“

6.shigeto first-„saturn return“

7.robag wruhme-„advent“

8.lulu gainsbourg&scarlet johansson-„bonnie and clyde“( a serge gainsbourg cover)

9.takayuki shiraishi-“dark sea”

10.albrecht la`brooy-“afternoon carafe”

11.erik wollo-“under water”

12.mort garson-“ode to an African violet”

13.mndson-“ggardenn”feat. Pink siifu

14.kapitan  Alaska(aka  dori sadovnik)-„sendi“

15.pride(aka david axelrod&m.t axelrod)-“in the wilderness”

16.terrapin-“cirrus minor”(the black frame extract)(a pink Floyd cover)

17.kit Sebastian-“mantra modern”

18.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvdis-“to the mother of gods”

19.the godfather  of god/a hardy fox(of the residents) ripe tribute compilation/

-cult with no name-“I hate heaven”

20.hardy fox-“the bather”

21.hardy fox( from nachtzug soundtrack)-“gestern wird zu morgen“

22.coil-„love`s secret domain“(from love`s secret demise demos cd)

23.thom yorke-“twist”

24.pere ubu-“road is a preacher”

25.blaine l. reininger-“el dilemma del vampiro”(from the road movie-mädchen in koffer(and other results) soundtrack

26.vanishing twin-“language is a city(let me out)”

27.fay shapiro-“lama hit`ahavti”

28.dennis young-“somerset hills”


30.billy Mackenzie with b.e.f-“free”



33.damon locks&black monument ensemble-“from a spark to a fire”

34.neville brothers-“brother jake”

35.james brown-“dance, dance, dance to the funk”

36.mandrake paddle steemer-“the October country”

37.the accent-“red sky at night”

38.psychedelic porn crumpets-“digital hunger”

39.the seeds-“you took me by surprise”

40.station 17-“st. pauli der hat heute geburtstag“

41.the golden filter-„autonomy“

42-naked lunch-„breath“

43.cortex-„mind of darkness“

44.enzo kreft-„biometrics“

45.zig zag-„ca s`arrange pas“

46.yoko hatanaka-„more sexy“

47.marie davidson-„work it“(soulwax rmx)

48.manfredas-“mind machine” feat. Bozzwell

49.phil Kieran&douglas mccarthy-“fall rise”

50.haruomi hsono-“sports man”