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Lysergic Factory – DJ Morpheus – 26.02.2020

1-paul haslinger-“room3”

2.carla bley&andy shepperd&steve swallow-“on”

3.kelton prima-“in(tro)2”

4.arandel-“all men must die”

5.thore Pfeiffer-“urquell”

6.chris davis-“latitude”

7.jeff parker&the new breed-“after the rain”

8.masumi hara-“to live in the sea”

9.rejoicer-“my beans” feat.keren dun

10.bill fay-“filled with wonder once again”( band version)

11.lee ranaldo&raul refree-“alice etc.”

12.prefab sprout-“sleeping rough”

13.gigi masin-“calypso”

14.cabane-“take me home(pt1)”

15.amon tobin-“sounds like moths”

16.julien gasc-“we`re so in on love”

17.chromatics-“touch red”

18.marcus king-“beautiful stranger”

19.rose city band-“rip city”

20.mcnzi-“i`m alive”(from the motion picture yung soundtrack)

21.nicolas godin-“the border”

22.doctor fluorescent-“these are my eyes”

23.the left banke-“pretty ballerina”- steve martin R.I.P

24.david mcivor-“closing my eyes”(a Fleetwood mac cover)

25.beck-“everlasting nothing”

26.flue-“emsafarja”(from the 80`s beauty now for the future compilation)

27.baxter dury-“i`m not your dog”

28.peggy lee-“love song”


30.gil scott-heron-“me and the devil”(reimagining by makaya mccraven)

31.chris korda-“egungun”

32.tame impala/kevin parker-“patience”

33.the heliocentrics-“light in the dark”

34.DIJF sanders-“ravana”


36.zenobia-“yalla yalla”

37.dan deacon-“become a mountain”

38.hi-fi:wi-fi-“amarelo e tal”

39.the kaleidoscope-“keep your mind open”-chris darrow R.I.P

40.flamin` groovies-“slow death”- roy loney R.I.P

41.people like us-“till the end of time”

42.throbbing gristle-“almost like this”

43.wire-“off the beach”

44.jimi Hendrix and the band of gypsys-“machine gun”(live 70`)

45.carmen villain-“observable future”(d.k rmx)

46.niv ast&eliezer-« burning down the club” feat. Alf champion

47.holy fuck-“deleters” feat. Angus Andrew

48.andres-“harf green”