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Archive for février 13, 2024

Campus Info Our Story in the Alienverse – lun 12/02/24 @ 17h – Playlist

OUR STORY‘Something Different Down Here’

Queer Gaze this please <3

Nous avons reçu Valérie, co-programmatrice des rencontres Our Story pour la série « Something Different Down Here » de ce week-end à la CINEMATEK. Et l’atelier d’écriture mené par luvan à la Maison Poème. On a aussi parlé Archives Lesbiennes et Invisibilisation.
Playlist :

Reinel Bakole – Crave (fwb)
Little Simz – Protect My Energy
Vale Poher – Richter (fr)
La Chatte – Rien (Claude Violante remix) (fr)
Anne Sylvestre – Les Gens qui doutent (fr, fwb)
Cha Cha Guitri – Non non non pas question (fr)
Duchess Says – I Repeat Myself
Michelle Gurevitch – Party Girl (Sainte Vie remix)
Gabby Start – Locals (Girls like us)

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 13/02/2024

1.maya shenfeld – analemma

2.perel – religion

3.troels hammer – milk river feat.besyani

4.nosaj thing – different life feat. Eyedress

5.anna calvi – legacy

6.cabane – Italian mysteries

7.molly Lewis – crushed velvet

8.melanie de biasio – il Vento

9.miguel Atwood Ferguson – porpita

10.vera sola – instrument of war

11.ethan hawke&maya hawke – we don`t run( a willie nelson cover)

12.JB dunckel – Cristal mind

13.the legendary tigerman – once I knew no pain

14.mitski – the deal

15.junior boys – night walk

16.jane weaver – univers

17.bill Ryder- jones – christinha

18.julie Byrne – portrait of a clear day

19.kreidler – arithmetique

20.ella Raphael – see you through

21.can – spoon // DAMO SUZUKI R.I.P

22.charles Webster – this is real(excerpt)

23.zheng – zero time

24.hyperculte – jamais trop

25.cult with  no name –  I’ll spend 9 lives with you

26.immaterial possession – rising moons

27.still corners – the dream

28.yin yin – Tokyo disko

29.derya yildirim &grup simsek – deniz dalgasiz olmaz

30.imarhan – asof

31.dudu tassa&jonny greenwood – ya mughir al- ghazala

32.sven wunder – terracotta

33.kvb – medication

34.the Jesus and Mary chain – jamcod

35.the smile – under the pillows

36.the Bevis frond – god’s gift

37.w.h lung – inspiration!

38.collection d`Arnell-andrea – the colour of your mind

39.snapped ankles – alouette(a blurt cover)

40.headman – deturning

41.lol tolhurst x budgie x jackknife lee – bodies feat. Lonnie Holley

42.fred und luna – outro(auf wiederhören)


Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 06/02/2024

1.molly Lewis – the crying game

2.tim story&roedellius – wobbly flu twilight

3.serpent withfeet – spades

4.tor Lundvall – the invisible man

5.miguel Atwood Ferguson – mängala

6.phillipp otterbach – geoluread

7.DF tram canopy of stars – the upsweep

8.the smile – you know me

9.cowboy sadness – willow feat. Bing& Ruth

10.niecy blues – u care

11.monde ufo – cosmic trigger

12.gruff Rhys – cover up the cover up

13.villagers – that golden time

14.bill Ryder-jones – I hold something in my hand

15.the legendary tigerman – everyone feat.jehnny Beth

16.cabane – ilot pt.1

17.ryuichi sakamoto – mori no hito

18.people like us – do you see what I hear?

19.cult with no name – (p.s and p.p.s the prospect of)ptsd

20.woolfy – shooting stars(turbotito rmx)

21.kreidler – Loisaida sisters

22.iggy pop – if i’m in luck I might get picked up(a betty davis cover)

23.hyperculte – les malheurs du siècle

24.yin yin – the persévérance of Sand

25.islandman – simple man

26.ali sethi&Nicolas jaar – chiragh

27.dudu tassa&jonny greenwood – jan-al galbsalik

28.lalalar – got

29.gaye suakyol – anadolu ejderi

30.altin gün – dere geliyor

31.blancmange – what`s your name

32.anna calvi – red right hand ( a nick cave cover)

33.xeno&Oaklander – infinite sadness

34.psyche – prisoner to desire (single mix)

35.wayne Kramer(from mc 5)  – ramblin` rose // WYANE KRAMER R.I.P

36.bush tetras – snakes crawl (phil Kieran rmx)

37.spacemen 3 – walking with Jesus(demo version)

38.boeckner – lose(radio edit)

Musiques & Continents 10/02/2024

01. Traditional African MusicAfrican Tribal Music
02. Eid AlAbbas Band 2021
03. Sacred NightNatascha Rogers
04. Sabrás,Herencia de Timbiquí
05. Bu Dağlar KömürdendirCeren Gülen
06. ArıxDevrim CANEN 2.5
07. Mongul NutagSedaa
08. Playing For Change Song Around the WorldHigher Ground (Stevie Wonder)
09. classical guitar duoAsturias by Isaac Albeniz
10. Busking in ReadingBlues Harp Fun
11. YelaBaaba Maal
12 Improv 1Wild Weston & Tasteless Jack
13. Al Gamra LeilaKader Tarhanine
14. Ukuhamba Izwe –Colenso Abafana Benkokhelo
15. The Wind, my Hang & the ButterflyDan Bay