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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 06/02/2024

1.molly Lewis – the crying game

2.tim story&roedellius – wobbly flu twilight

3.serpent withfeet – spades

4.tor Lundvall – the invisible man

5.miguel Atwood Ferguson – mängala

6.phillipp otterbach – geoluread

7.DF tram canopy of stars – the upsweep

8.the smile – you know me

9.cowboy sadness – willow feat. Bing& Ruth

10.niecy blues – u care

11.monde ufo – cosmic trigger

12.gruff Rhys – cover up the cover up

13.villagers – that golden time

14.bill Ryder-jones – I hold something in my hand

15.the legendary tigerman – everyone feat.jehnny Beth

16.cabane – ilot pt.1

17.ryuichi sakamoto – mori no hito

18.people like us – do you see what I hear?

19.cult with no name – (p.s and p.p.s the prospect of)ptsd

20.woolfy – shooting stars(turbotito rmx)

21.kreidler – Loisaida sisters

22.iggy pop – if i’m in luck I might get picked up(a betty davis cover)

23.hyperculte – les malheurs du siècle

24.yin yin – the persévérance of Sand

25.islandman – simple man

26.ali sethi&Nicolas jaar – chiragh

27.dudu tassa&jonny greenwood – jan-al galbsalik

28.lalalar – got

29.gaye suakyol – anadolu ejderi

30.altin gün – dere geliyor

31.blancmange – what`s your name

32.anna calvi – red right hand ( a nick cave cover)

33.xeno&Oaklander – infinite sadness

34.psyche – prisoner to desire (single mix)

35.wayne Kramer(from mc 5)  – ramblin` rose // WYANE KRAMER R.I.P

36.bush tetras – snakes crawl (phil Kieran rmx)

37.spacemen 3 – walking with Jesus(demo version)

38.boeckner – lose(radio edit)