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Archive for janvier, 2024

Midi Express mercredi 31/01/2024

On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Almond Butyl : Sleep Node < Lullabies for Computers

Sticky World : Are You a Tree? < Bits and Branches

Orque : Une musique pour dodo ou pas

Thanas : Cocon < Le soleil à la maison

Princess Thailand : Machina < Golden Frames

Eiedma : Sugar < Pick a Card

The Hentchmen : Me and My Monotone < Hentch-Forth.Five

Onrust : Hesse ST edit

Föllakzoid : V – I (extrait) < V

Youth : Isis Mix (Temple Head)

Opéra mort : Bâillon rose < Dédales

Johana Beaussart : Utöpi I < Légendes de chiens hirsutes

Joe Turner & Pete Johnson : Wine-o Baby Boogie

Flying Komodo : Coal of Duty < The Inglorious Death of Arthur Pendragon

Orgue électronique : Sons of the Sweet Soil

Coltar : Melody Suram

CEL : Ping Korridor (extrait) < CEL (Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler)

Näcken du Naon : Tongueless

Elżbieta Sikora : Trois tunnels et un arrêt (extrait)

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 30/01/2024

1.cowboy sadness – ten paces  feat. Bing&ruth

2.global communication – 0`54

3.miguel Atwood fergüson – zolicus

4.jb dunckel – forest

5.julie Byrne – the greater wings

6.koen de bruyne – inside                                                                                                                                            

7.cult with no name – you are what you eat

8.pauline Anna strom – plot zero

9.richard Hawley – not the only road

10.a winged victory for the sullen – every solstice &equinox

11.johnny jewel – necromancer(from holly the movie soundtrack)

12.philipp otterbach – left hand society

13.marika Hackman – the ground

14.gigi Masin – coraline

15.vince Clarke – imminent

16.cabane – Rome

17.the Shangri- las – past, present and future  // MARY WEISS R.I.P

18.nicolas jaar&ali sethi – raat bhar

19.the Beatles – i am the walrus(2023 mix version)

20.bill Ryder- jones – it`s today again

21.serpentwith feet – black air force feat. Mike Jenkins

22.yin yin – the year of the rabbit

23.jane weaver – perfect storm

24.the smile – I quit

25.laid back – mig (excerpt)

26.sven wunder – ultramarine

27.gruff Rhys – silver lining lead balloons

28.fat white family – bullet of dignity

29.the heliocentrics – distant star

30.drop nineteens  –  the price was high

31.pascal comelade&the liminanas – ceci est un enregistrement magnétique

32.tom tom club – this is a foxy world

33.mozart estate – low life(a p.i.l cover)

34.can – I’m so green

35.the legendary tigerman – ghost rider (a suicide cover)

36.elephant chateau – wir fangen mit arbeit an

37.enon – come into

38.collection d`Arnell-andrea – pieces of rain

39.meatraffle – secret fizzy

40.vox low – henry rode

41.headman – sometimes

42.psychedelic porn crumpets – I’m a kadavar(alaka zam)

43.chrome – repo man(feat. Mel Collins)

44.brix smith – Aphrodite

45.quasi – back in your tree

46.add n to(x) – kingdom of shades

47.thomas fehlmann – permanent touch (excerpt)


Campus Info En Ville! – lun 29/01/24 @ 17h – Playlist + Podcast

Ce lundi, Kika recevait Emma Vigand pour le festival En Ville! et la réalisatrice Jialai Wang.
> http://festivalenville.be/Paragate?au_programme=oui

Playlist :
Christine Salem feat. Moriarty – Sakalav
Alka Yagnik, Ila Arun – Ringa Ringa
Tiwa Savage – Koroba
La Fugue et Le Canon de Cabiria Chomel (extrait) (fr, fwb)
Elisabetta Spada – Full of Things
Orlance – Chokola (fr)

Et le podcast est ici : https://www.mixcloud.com/radiocampusbruxelles/festival-en-ville-jialai-wang-et-emma-vigand-dans-le-campus-info-de-kika-lun-290124/

Midi Express 29/01/2024 …comme un poisson sans bicyclette

L’invitée du Midi Express est Virginie Thirion qui présente son nouveau projet « …comme un poisson sans bicyclette » au Théâtre Océan Nord du 30 janvier au 10 février 2024.

Voici la playlist :

12:16 :: Eddie Chacon – Step By Step
12:48 :: Sally Anne Morgan – Hori Hori
12:53 :: The Clientele – Garden Eye Mantra
13:00 :: Lalalar – Hem Evimsin Hem Cehennemim
(Botanique 31/01)
13:04 :: Boy & Bear – State of Flight
(Botanique 01/02)
13:13 :: Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek – Yeni Yürekle
(Botanique 02/02)
13:17 :: Slowdive – Kisses
(Cirque Royal 08/02)
13:24 :: Clark – Bully
(Botanique 07/02)
13:32 :: L’Rain – Clumsy
(Ancienne Belgique 27/02)


Midi Express mercredi 24/01/2024

On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Échec : No Problemo < Épée

Delphine Dora & Mocke : Le destin de toute parole solitaire < L’Invisible est multiforme

Salma Al Assal : El Ghaddara Deema (Life, the All Time Deceiver)

Max Vandervorst : Bombay polka < Pataphonia – La petite musique des choses

Che Vuoi : Jasmin

Mott Flyf : You Can Drive < Dark Mott

Baby Fire : Salamander < Gold

Purrses : Charlie < Blue Skies, Purple Greens

Frankie : Houdini < Blubber

Test Dept : Vastness < Proven in Action

The Partridge Ambulance : Head Checked < Bold Ideas for a Brighter Future

Thunderosa : The Calling < Razorblades and Gasoline

Mes Lèvres : Een Beetje

Matt Watts : Singing Partner

La chorale d’ATTAC : J’ai mis mon pognon dans le Delaware

The Drum Club : Earth vs Technology Mix

Stonks : Sparkling/Still < Class Craic

Yakhchal : Three < Beggars and Comets

Campus Info avec Elisabetta Spada – lun 23/01/24 @ 17h – Playlist & Podcast

La playlist est ici :
Bicep, Clara La San – Water
Elisabetta Spada – Home Again (fr, fwb)
Elisabetta Spada – Sister (live) (fr, fwb)
Elisabetta Spada – Don’t Say No (fr, fwb)
Elisabetta Spada – Inhale Exhale (live) (fr, fwb)
Elisabetta Spada – Tigress in a Birdcage (fr, fwb)
Elisabetta Spada – I Go I Go I Go (live) (fr, fwb)
BRUTE – Pas plus loin (fr, fwb)
Chantal Goya – Tu m’as trop menti (fr)

et le podcast là : https://www.mixcloud.com/radiocampusbruxelles/elisabetta-spada-sur-radio-campus-bruxelles/

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 23/01/2024

1.pointe du lac – nanomia cara

2.cybajaz – cybajaz(dj morpheus&ugocastellucci`s waterzooi meekz)

3.vince Clarke – last transmission

4.nicolas jaar&ali sethi – intiha

5.cult with no name – i`ll spend 9 lives with you

6.jb dunckel( from air) – dolphin

7.still corners – crystal blue

8.philipp otterbach – half brain naked

9.troels hammer – I done all I could

10.lullaby movement – ru-ru(sleep little baby)

11.bill ryder jones – how beautiful I am

12.niecy blues – cascade

13.jose Gonzalez – visions(flanger version)

14.craig Leon – the twenty second step as well as the tenth

15.chris davis – aquatic

16.nick nicely – Beverly

17.serpent with feet – safe word

18.mitski – I don`t like my mind

19.the smile – wall of eyes

20.jonathan Bree – politics

21.gruff Rhys – on the far side of the dollar

22.bas Jan – ding dong

23.abracadabra – telling time

24.bryan ferry – don`t want to know

25. dj shadow – a narrow escape

26.the warlocks – the last road

27.gina birch – I am rage

28.collection d`Arnell-andrea – waiting for meaulnes

29.brix smith – say I’m ur no.1

30.motrik – king of Tonga

31.pale blue eyes – million times over

32.chrome – the city of dead stars

33.goat – let it burn

34.dead – revelation

35.psychedelic porn crumpets – hot!heat!wow!hot!

36.thee oh sees – goodnight baby

37.psycho weasel – mains d`argille feat.curses(radio edit)

38.perel – hunger

39.underworld x kettama – g-town euphoria(Luna) (radio edit)

40.mount obsidian – fade feat. Charlotte jestaedt

41.lucas croon – krautwickel


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