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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / playlist du 21 août

1.willits+sakamoto-“releasing”.2.stratus-“butane”.3.hidden orchestra-“vorka”(radio edit).4.anchorsong-“darkrum”(kid kan evil rmx).5.cat power-“cherokee”(Nicolas jaar rmx).6.dream koala-“we can`t be friends”.7.graph rabbit-“only fields”.8.michael medical-“india graffiti-true”.9.para one-“lean on me”(salva rmx).10.soul sugar-“drum song”. 11.audio fugitives-“distant memories”.12.barbara moore-“steam heat”.13.the Dubliners feat. Barney mckenna-“I wish I had someone to love me”.14.king dude-“jesus in the courtyard”.15.grasscut-“blink in the night”.16.the pentangle-“light flight”.17.dos cafundos-“topaaca”. 18. Stones throw-“chrome canyon generation”.19.dry the river-“demons”(king james rmx).20.j.dilla-“ride wit it”+”say my name”.21.yasmine-“samar”.22.parisian-“melaparte”.23.junior wells Chicago blues band-“messin with the kid”.24.101 strings-“flameout”.25.arzachel-“azathoth”.26.the collectors-“Lydia purple”.27.merrell fankhauser and h.m.s bounty-“rich man`s fable”.28.wild nothing-“paradise”.29.diamond rings-“i`m just me”.30.paul banks-“the base”.31.allah las-“don`t you forget it”.32.slugabed-“mountains came out of the sky”(arp 101 rmx).33.lorn-“weigh me down(mono/poly rmx).34.moon duo-“sleep walker”.35.the last royals-“only the brave”.36.bush tetras-“too many creeps”.37.christopher walken&phillippo ronsulio-“walken”.38.digmatic element-“just friends”.39.why?-“sod in the seed”.40.enigma dubz-“we at war”.41.matthew dear-“fighting is futile”.42.hussle club-“children of the underground”.43.add n to(x)-“murray`s space shoes”(plug me in disco rmx).44.the present moment-“alone”.45.reno wurzbacher-“mode one”.46.t.e.e.d-“dream on”.47.admin-“eskimo”(mia doree rmx).48.the netz-“my my hey hey”(Alex gray rmx).

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