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Lysergic Factory – Dj Morpheus – 13 & 20/04/10 – Playlist


Play lists 13&20 April (in no particular order):

1.kaito-“and that was the way” (echo space dub), 2. yoko ono-“give me something”(junior boys rmx). 3.thomas fehlmann-“wasser im fluss”.4.panta du prince-“bohemian forest”.5.lusine-“operation costs” 6.the durutti column-“how unbelievable”.7.mcalmont and Nyman-“in laos”.8.jo bogaeert&robert wyatt-“erup/peru”.9.rachel goswell-“coastline”(Ulrich schnauss rmx).10.broken bells-“the ghost inside”. 11. cibelle-“me and mrs grey”.12.gila-“kollaps”.13.gill scott heron-“the crutch”. 14. Erykah badu-“umm hmm”.15.dam funk-“I wanna thank u(4 steppin into my life)” 16.edward larry Gordon-“all pervading”(excerpt).17.roni nachum-“guest service shalom”(mark e rmx). 18. The broadway project-“paint it blue” (fakesch rmx). 19. The xx-“islands” (nosaaj thing rmx).

20. badger`s raabadub-“sun go down”. 21. Dorothys fortress-“hell cat”. 22. Prins Thomas-“nattonsket”. 23. Zenzile pawn shop-“zenzile”.

24. Acid washed-“the rain”. 25. shit browne-“winter collection”.26.conjasufi- “track 8”. 27. Von spar-“collecting natural antimatter”.28.vitalic-“second lives”(mustang rmx). 29. Soul center-“switch it” (atom tm rmx). 30. mount kimbie-“serged” (falty dl rmx). 31. Kill the noise-“roots”. 32. Glass candy-“feeling without touching”. 33. caribou-“melody day”. 34. Malante&dex-“in night clubs”(camel rmx). 35. telonius-“hit me” (Ian pooley rmx). 36. mgmt-“I found a whistle”. 37. Teenage fanclub-“baby lee”. 38. Shy child-“the beatles”.39.michoacan-“in the dark of the night”. 40. Flying lotus-“interference”. 41. Hoktlax cobra-“this time that’s it”. 42. aufgang-“barock”(robert hood rmx). 43. The roots-“world full of sadness”. 44. Space ranger-“herbel cake”.45.ascii disco-“voices of the dead”. 46. Sly stone-“for real”.47.freddie&the stone souls-“something about you”.

48. Kitten control-“disappear”. 49. She&him-“in the sun”.50.romy-“sleep”(the juan MacLean rmx). 51. scuba-“so you think you’re special”. 52. The Juan MacLean-“feel so good”. 53. Ferro in the dark-“nonsensical” (uproot andy rmx). 54. arsenal-“estupen” (compuphonic rmx). 55. Gadi mizrahi-“so addicted to you”. 56. Tosca—“oysters in May” (kalabrese rmx). 57. Plan b.-“she said”. 58 .hamza-“delhi 2 paris”. 59. Toro y moi-“blessa”. 60. Mock&toof-“farwell to wendo” (kink&Neville Watson rmx). 61. Sombrero galaxy-“journey to the centre of the sun” 62.ripperton-“nocturnal reflection 1#”. 63. Kyle hall-“kay chunk”. 64. sorcerer-“chemise” (the time and space machine rmx). 65. Mighty mouse-“song with no word/movement 1”. 66. superpitcher-“rabbit…” (wl).