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Lysergic Factory – 27/04/10 et 4/05/10 – Playlists

En pile et presque dans l’ordre, voici la playlist de Dj Morpheus pour ses Lysergic Factory des deux dernières semaines :

1. Mark Gardner-“story of the eye” (Ulrich schnauss rmx)                        26.shy chid-“open up the sky”+”dark destiny”

2. Up high collective-“blend”                                                                 27 beard science-.craze emotions (jaz edit)

3. krauder&dorfmeister-“aikon”                                                             28.the kenneth bager experience-“frag. 8/sound of swing“(pilooski dub)

4. marsmobil-“patience”                                                                       29.shit Browne-“don’t ask”

5. We got band-“divisive” (Carl Craig rmx)                                                 30.these new puritans-“we want war”+”attack music”

6. The time&space machine-“after the gold rush”                                    31.dam funk-“boogie slide”

7. french solar-“I need love”                                                                   32.flying lotus feat. Thom yorke-“and the world laughs with you”+f.l feat. Laure barlington-table

8. florrie-“call 911(d. Franklin rmx)                                                           -tennis”

9. Chapelier fou-“half of time”+”le quart de ton”                                         33.grasscut-“the door in the wall”

10. The durutti column-“requiem”                                                             34.mose Allison-“Mr. brain”

11. Choir of young believers-“next summer”                                              35.conrad schnitzler-“auf dem schwarzen canal”

12. We are the world-“clay stones”                                                           36.conjasufi-track 10

13. Gil Scott heron-“”on coming from a broken home (pt2)                            37.five or six-“another reason”+” portrait”

14. mgmt-“lady dadas nightmare”                                                             38.little sister-“somebody’s watching you”

15. Lauren Pritchard-“stuck”(various production rmx)                                   39.andrew weatherall/radical majik-“spread the hot potato”

16.kitzu-“inertion”                                                                                   40.notwist-“gloomy planets”(fakesch rmx)

17. Soul center-“switchit”                                                                          41. The mole-“dreamer”

18. sleepwalking-“march of the balloon animals”                                          42.kaito-“nothing could be more peaceful” (beatless version)

19. tunng-“hustle” (bloc party rmx)                                                             43.mighty mouse-“movement 3”

20. Hooray for earth-“surrounded by your friends”                                         44.martin buttrich-“blackouts non stop”

21. tosca-“Elektra bregenz” (bottin rmx)                                                       45.acid washed-„amour fatal“+“concorde in the sunrise“

22. Art bleek-„future memory“(sei a rmx)                                                      46.hungrey ghost-“illuminations”

23. actress-“maze” (long version)                                                                 47.a mountain of one-“bones” (the time&space machine rmx)

24. Human league-“love action” (Nairobi re-edit)                                                48.ark-“I can come”

25. Sleazy mcqueen-2fantasy”                                                                     49.glass candy-“coverd in bugs”

50. yeasayer-“o.n.e (xxx change rmx)

51. Lcd soundsystem-“pow pow”

52. The chemical brothers-“escape velocity”

53. phluph-“patterns”

54. The dead weather-“old mary”

55. The big crunch-“distortion”(dj koze rmx)

56. Ninca leece-“feed me rainbows”(public lover rmx)

57. Dan deacon-“woof woof”

58. Le le-“breakfast”

59. Jamie jones-“ruckus”

60. virgo-“all in time”