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Lysergic Factory – 10 & 17/03/10 – Playlist + bonus


1.  Cluster-“gissander”, 2.arthur lee&love-“you`re the prettiest song”, 3. love-everybody`s gotta live”, 4.four tet-“plastic people”, 5.yeasayer-“rome”,6.gonjasufi- track 17, 7.the durutti column-“brother”,8. husky rescue-“beautiful my monster”, 9.african headcharge-“surfari”, 10.the gaslamp killer-“hell and the lake of fire”, 11.metin h. alatil-“keviana boyle dede”, 12.massive attack-“atlas air ”, 13.la tordue-“le petrin”, 14.choir of young believers-“next summer”, 15.we are the world-“clay stones”, 16.little brother-“curtain call”, 17.suite for my dukes feat dwelle-“angel”, 18.christian prommer drumless-“oxygene pt iv”, 19.them jeans-“tips”, 20.frankie goes to Hollywood-“welcome to the pleasuredome”(leo zero rmx), 21.don paulin-“sugar cane”, 22.ripperton-“the sandbox”, 23.may 68-“the duke is dead”, 24.hamza feat. Loopy juice-“ego invader”, 25.consistent-“no bump”, 26.the big crunch theory-“distortion”(dj koze rmx) 27. The big crunch theory-“what to say”(roman fluegel rmx) 28.shetland-“nothing succeds like excess”,29. The secret history-“Johnny anorak”, 30. elle p.&iftah-“the pink panther” 31.mike snow-“Billie holiday”, 32.love supreme-“memory of a freak festival”, 33.re-jazz-“m64bb”(shur-i-kan rmx), 34.penguin prison-“something i`m not”, 35.doves-“brazil”(aeroplane rmx), 36.weird tapes-“the walking dead”, 37.bonobo-“eyes down”(floating points rmx), 38.mathias schaffhaeser-“m2”, 39.el trip selector-“cumbiaiancherita”, 40.findlay brown-“promised land”(pilooski edit), 41. Drop logic-“out of headspace”, 42.gorilaz-“rhinestone eyes”, 43.jeanette lindström feat. Robert wyatt-“river”, 44.dj maurad-“funky brothers”, 45.nufrequency feat. Ben onono-“fallen hero”(mark e rmx), 46.the xx-“teardrops”, 47.cibelle-“sad piano”, 48.lusine-“gravity”, 49.mike Monday-“your body”, 50.jose james&moodyman-“Detroit loveletter”, 51achim maerz-“channel 04”(sven weisemann rmx), 52.the revenge-“looking up in you”, 53. Daniel wang-“sylver belt”, 54. these are powers-“candyman”, 55.locusolus-“gunship”,56.roland s. faber-“löffelkinder”, 57.nicolas jaar-“a time for us”, 58.amit erez-“my will”, 59.ogris debris-“miezkatze”, 60.von spar-“scotch&Chablis”

and the bonus is this way