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Archive for décembre 13, 2023

Mu – 10/12/2023 – Glenn Jones

– John Fahey – The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, California

– Robbie Basho – Song Of The Great Mystery

– Max Ochs – Raga, Pt.1

– Robbie Basho – A Day In The Life Of Lemuria

– Harry Taussig – Children’s Dance

– Glenn Jones – Linden Avenue Stomp

– Jack Rose & Black Twig Pickers – Soft Steel Piston

– Steffen Basho-Junghans – Landscapes In Exile 2

– Cul De Sac – Doldrums

– David Greenberger, Glenn Jones, Chris Corsano – 5 AM Rememberance

– David Greenberger – Campfire Smoke

– David Greenberger, Glenn Jones, Chris Corsano – Magnet Sun Collide

– Glenn Jones – Vade Mecum


Midi Express mercredi 13/12/2023

On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Mocke : Le légume mésopotamien < L’anguille

Gros Cœur : Dax < Gros disque

Fervents : Wasting Time < Fervents

ChevalleMajiq : Vos bancs Vauban < J’attends le calme après la tempête

Sigríður Níelsdóttir : Tolyu Popp

Roxane Métayer : D’humeur droïne < Perlée de sève

Pega : Salty Soup < Tempête de chips

Araf : هاك وارا < Bathrah

Eiedma : Weird Men (in the Music Scene) < Pick a Card

Giantology : Clock Spirit Flow

Choolers Division : Lac

Milk TV : 6.0.4.N.C.8. < Neo-Geo

Ellah A. Thaun : King Felix < Arcane Majeur Deux

Nick Moss and the Flip Tops : Check My Pulse < Live at Chan’s

Spill Gold : Ecotone Part 1 < Highway Hypnosis

Alter Egg : Deja Voodoo < Deluminate

Bààn : Dogs (extrait) < Shadowboxing

Mélodie Blaison : Dralha < VINTVRI

Jazzoux : Saxoux < Consonne froide

Wash Club : STSL-B 004 < Shenzen Trillion Suspicious Lights

Kramp : Beesten Lopen Cirkels < Songs of Balkenbrij

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 12/12/2023

1.mogwai  –  the winter`s not forever

2.pauline Anna strom – midnight velvet

3.five seasons – on board

4.koen de bruyne – nude(from in kluis movie soundtrack)

5.vince Clarke – passage

6.greg foat&gigi masin – Leo Theo

7.blaine l.reininger – slightly rusty

8.jan van den Broeke – stable heart(for Joan)

9.pointe du lac – dimophyes krtica

10.grian chatten(from fontaines d.c) – all of the people

11.the hics – the man who sold the world( a david bowie cover)

12.dj muggs&dean hurley – drone interrogation(from divinity the movie soundtrack)

13.julie Byrne – moonless

14.mary Lattimore – blender in a blender

15.melanie de biasio – san liberatore

16.everything but the girl – run a red light

17.paul St. hilaire aka tikiman – bedroom in my bag

18.panda bear&sonic boom – go on dub (reimagined by  Adrian Sherwood )

19.the moody blues – go now /DANNY LAINE R.I.P

20.room 25 – don`t forget about me

21.the pogues – love you till the end- vocal: spider Stacy (from the p. S I love you film soundtrack)

21.the pogues vocals: Shane maccowan&Kirsty maccoll – fairytale of new York / SHANE MACCOWAN R.I.P

22.bryan ferry – where do we go from

23.the Jesus and Mary chain – jamcod (radio edit)

24.timber timbre – holy motors

25.underworld – Denver Luna (acappella)

26.david Holmes feat. Raven violet – I laugh myself to sleep

27.poppy – zig

28.holger hiller – chemische und physikalische entdeckangen

29.sleaford mods – west end girls (pet shop rmx) (pet shop cover)

30.schamanen circel  – arbeiter (the worker)

31.eartheather – pure smile snake venom

32.baikonour – oben beg(mk2)

33.motrik – impossible /ck

34.emma Anderson – inter light

35.lol tolhurstXbudgieXjacknife lee – noche oscura (with the edge)

36.vox low – keep on falling

37.pascal comelade&the liminanas – fin du monde

38.melenas ahora – bang

39.the young senators – ringing bells(sweet music pt.2)

40.psychedelic porn crumpets – dilemma us from evil

41,goat – do the dance

42.people like us – free money 2014(excerpt)