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Teenage Kicks – 20/01/2021

Spécial Undertones pt2

1. Casbah rock (Lp Sire)

2. Really, really (45t Sire)

3. Let’s talk about girls  (45t Sire)

4. Mars bars (45t Sire)

5. You’re welcome (Lp Ardeck)

6. A kiss in the dark (Face B/double LP Ardeck/EMI)

7. When saturday comes (LP Ardeck)

8. Bye bye baby blue (Version) (maxi 45t Ardeck)

9. His good looking girlfriend (LP Ardeck)

10. Save me (LP Ardeck)

11. Sigh & explode (LP Ardeck)

12. Soul seven (LP Ardeck)

13. Forever paradise (LP Ardeck)

14. I gotta getta (LP Sire)

15. Thrill me (45t For Us/Rough Trade)

16. On a friday – Baby Shakes (45t Douchemaster)

17. Teenage news – Sylvain Sylvain (LP RCA)

18. Formidable – Syl Sylvain & the Teardrops (LP RCA)

19. I’m so sorry – Sylvain Sylvain (LP RCA)

20. Just one kiss – Syl sylvain & the Teardrops (LP RCA)

21. Ain’t got no home – Sylvain Sylvain (LP RCA)

22. Temptation to exist -New York Dolls (LP Rhino/Atco)

23. Fier de ne rien faire – Olivensteins (single SMAP)

24. I had too much to dream last night – Electric Prunes (double LP Nuggets/Elektra)

25. Just like Romeo & Juliet – Michael & the Messengers (idem 24)

26. Night time – Strangeloves (idem 25)

27. Let’s talk about girls – Chocolate Watch Band (idem 26)

28. Trash (version 2009)- New York Dolls (LP Rhino/Atco)

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