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Teenage Kicks – 16/01/2019

it’s Everly time!
1. Bird dog (45t Cadence)
2. Problems (45t)
3. Claudette (Lp)
4. Be bop a Lula (45t)
5. Since you broke my heart (45t)
6. When will I be loved (45t)
7. Devoted to you (45t)
8. All I have to do is dream (45t)
9. Love of my life (LP)
10. Take a message to Mary (LP)
11. Roving gambler (LP)
12. Let it be me (45t)
13. Barbara Allen (LP)
14. Love hurts (45t)
15. Down in the willow garden (LP)
16. Cathy’s clown (45t WB)
17. Temptation (45t)
18. The ferris wheel (LP)
19. Crying in the rain (LP)
20. Made to love (LP)
21. The price of love (45t)
22. The girl sang the blues (LP)
23. Man with money (45t)
24. Trains, boats & planes (LP)
25. Don’t let the whole world know (LP Ace UK)
26. Love of common people (45t)
27. Amanda Ruth (LP)
28. The price of love – Bryan Ferry (EP Island)
29. Man with money – Barracudas (LP Closer)
Dedicated to Don and Phil