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Teenage Kicks – 05/12/2018

1. King Apathy III – Barracudas (LP Imaginary – Time between: Tribute to the Byrds)
2. Little Johnny jet – Dogs (45t Epic)
3. Me and my uncle – Fortunate Sons (45t Bam Caruso)
4. Sixteen wheels – Jeremy Gluck (Flexi disc avec le fanzine Bucketfull of Brains)
5. A question of temperature – Lords of the New Church (LP Illegal)
6. Down in the boondocks – Barracudas (Flexi B o Brains)
7. Remember – Barracudas (45t Shake)
8. Can’t get away from you – Barracudas (LP Shake)
9. Number one – Shake Appeal (Bruxelles- EP Mahoi)
10. Don’t let the feeling go – Barracudas (LP NDN- vinyl vert)
11. God bless the 45 (and Robin) – Barracudas (45t PurePop – tjs en vente à l’Arlequin Bxl)
12. The girl from Baltimore – Fleshtones (Mini album IRS)
13. I surrender – Fleshtones (45t Yep Rock)
14. On a sunday – Baby Shakes (45t Douchemaster)
15. Dominique Laboubée – Fleshtones (45t Yep Rock)
16. I’m not tryin’ to hurt you – Outsiders (45t Capitol)
17. Too many fish in the sea -Mitch Ryder (45t New voice)
18. Come on up – Young Rascals (45t Atlantic)
19. Ride your pony – Lee Dorsey (45t Collectables)
20. Love child – Diana Ross and the Supremes (45t Tamla Motown)
21. Be my lover – Dogs (LP Epic)
22. Be my friend again (demo) – Barracudas (Maxi 45t Closer)