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Teenage Kicks – 04/11/2020

1. Memphis Tennessee – Elvis Presley (RCA)

2. Tennessee – Carl Perkins (Sun – Charly UK)

3. Stutterin’ Cindy – Charlie Feathers (EP Kool 1)

4. Mohair Sam – Charlie Rich (Smash)

5. Cry like a baby – Box Tops (45t Stateside)

6. Tear it up – Cramps (Illegal)

7. Brazil – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns (Rough Trade)

8. I’m so glad you don’t know what’s on my mind- Jessie Mae Hemphill (Frenzi)

9. Wall of death (New Rose)

10. Get off the road  (Frenzi)

11. Where the hell is Memphis? (NR)

12. Hard time killing floor (NR)

13. Don’t fight it (NR)

14. Antartica (NR)

15. I’ve been a good thing (for you) (NR)    The HELLCATS

16. I did my part (NR)

17. Where the sirens cry (NR – mon chouchou;)

18. Shine (NR)

19. When you walkin the room (NR)

20. 20th century boy – Lorette Velvette (45t Loverly)

21. The moose – Misty White (Bang!)

22. Live the life – Oblivians & Mr Quintron (Crypt)

23. Memphis beat – Jerry Lee Lewis (Mercury)

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