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Lysergic Factory / playlists des 5 et 12 avril

Morpheus/lysergic factory Play lists of the 5th and 12 of April:

1. stratus-“where do you go?”, 2.solvent-“formulate. 3.kokoro thief-“lcd envelope”.4.them jeans-“balloons”(james pants rmx).5.james blake-“lindisfarne ii”.6.king creosote&jon Hopkins-“john Taylor’s month away”+”bubble”.7.cult with no name-“gone”.8.the the-“our secret selves”.9.desolate-“escape”+”secret”.10.cheveu-“no birds”.11.mugwump feat.samy birnbach-“breakdown”.12.scott Ferguson-“dump days”.13.january Tuesday-“find my way”.14.matthew dear-“you put a smell on me”(photo call rmx).15.unkle-“the answer”(trentemoller rmx).16.architecture in Helsinki_”contact high(clock opera rmx).17.peter bjorn john-“second chance(rac rmx)”.18.tv on the radio-“will do(xxxchange dancehall rmx)”.

19. calibro 35-“eurocrime”. 20. Neon hitch-“get over u (the juan maclean rmx).21.amon Tobin-“wooden toy”.22.sons and daughters-“silver spell”.23.corto circuito-(boohgaloo zoo rmx)”. 24. Atari teenage riot-“blood in my eyes”.25. Bear in heaven-“you do you (eskmo rmx)”.26. beru&canblaster-“kapong(sinden rmx)”.27.planning to rock”doorway”.28. white denim-“drug”.29.clair obscure-“terminus”.30.alva noto&blixa bargeld-“mimicry”.31.the hundred in the hands-“pigeons(screen tests rmx)”.32.booka shade-“regenerate(pan/pot rmx).33.ooooo-“hearts”.34.florence&the machine-“dog days are over(yeasayer rmx)”.35.dj oil-“pluie”+”burn it”.36.delooza-“we are transient(hybu rmx).37.juan Atkins-“day shift(Olivier’s nightshift rmx)”.38.blue print-“so alive”.39.jaremiah jae-“the dirty collector pt. 1” .40.matthew david-“glow”.41.munk-“rue de rome”.42.discodeine-“d.a.r”.43.holy ghost-“wait&see”.44.fuckedup-“the other shoe”.45.apparat-“ash black veil”.46.francois le baron feat. Dee-“dice roller (hakan lidbo rmx).47.rachel Goodrich-“light bulb (anr rmx).48.maritime-“annihilation eyes”.49. Lee scratch perry feat. Tuned adebimps-“higher level”.50.james vincent mc marrow-“this old dark machine”.51.eskmo-“moving glow stream(slugabed rmx)”.52.gunnar bjerk-“back then”.53.hercules&love affair-“my house(tensnake rmx).54.ark-“I can come”. 55. Who made who-“every minute alone (michael Mayer rmx)”.56.clocwork-“running from spaces”.57.tom targo feat. Om`mas Keith-“so cold”.58.banjo or freakout-“I don’t want to start all over again”.59.nirvana-“Pentecost hotel”+”rainbow chaser”.60.paul revere&the raiders-“kicks”+”1001 Arabian nights”.61.the smoke-“umbrella”+”self analysis”.62.hamilton Wesley walt jr.&William d. Lincoln-“lady Bedford”+”morning after tea” 63.c cat trance-“puritains”.64.shark move evil war”.65.golden wing-“hear me”.66.panda bear-“surfers hymn(actress rmx). 67. Pale sketcher-“seventh heaven”.