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Lysergic Factory / Playlists des 26 juillet et 2 août

Morpheus lysergic factory play lists du 26 July et 2 august 011:

1. radiohead-“little by little” (caribou rmx).2.nicolas jaar-“too many kids finding rain in the dust”(pépé bradock`s blind pig mix).3.floating points-“marilyn”.4.coil-“cold cell”+”remote viewing pt.4”+”sex with sun ra( pt.2-sigillaricia)+”things happen”.5.wasted youth-“I wish I was a girl”.6.the left banke-“pretty ballerina”.7.gandalf-“golden earrings”.8.eno-“glitch”+”…if you honed the swirl within them”+”seedpods”.9.explosions in the sky-“catastrophe and he cure”(four tet rmx).10.laurel helio-“200 hypothesis”.11.black devil disco club feat.nazca lines-“she flees the silence”.12.pantha du prince-“welt am draht”(animal collective version).13.amy winehouse-“will you still love me tomorrow”.14.ada-“on the mond”.15.washed out-“within and without”+”before”.16.the divided circle-“don’t let me in”.17.battant-“mark twain”(tim holmes rmx).+”ol f school baby”.18.white denim-“drug”(bj orn rmx).19.agoria-“heart beating”(fraction rmx).20.bosco deroy-“2 flight dub”.21.weekend-“end times”(public rmx).22.visions of trees-“sorrow”.23.mister heavenly-“Bronx sniper”.24.mondkopf-“the song of shadows”.25.zammuto-“idian wind”.26.derek allen-“spirits in the material world”.27.w.l(james blake rmx).28.pionel-“where eagles dare”.29.dj koze-“sbooty”(max beachenko edit).30.fleet foxes-“helplessness blues”.31.dark star-“dear heartbeat”.32.the horrors-“still life”+”burning oceans”.33.the shoes-“cliché”.34.the upsetters-“mr dubz”(exclusive dubplate mix).35.popol vuh-“Aguirre 1/ii(lacrima di rei edit)(peter kruder rmx).36.the oscillation-“future echo”+”shake your dreams awake”.37.arthur`s landing-“I´ll be fencing”.38.u-man-“one more walk”.39.dj shadow-“def surrounds us”(Rockwell rmx).40.david bowie-“heathen(the rays).41.intelligence dept.-“where are you”?.42.hadvsion-“I can`t exist vs.disappearing act”(ada rmx).43.the kills-“satellite”(mad professor&joe ariwa rmx).44.squeaky lobster-“ahrnivalkea”+”runnin amok”.45.raph dumas-“breaks de la real”.46.little dragon-“seconds”.47.africa hitech-“don`t fight it”+”how does it make you feel”(dva rmx).48.maximum joy-“searching for a feeling”.49.conrad schnitzler-  “from live 72”. 50. suicide-“diamonds, fur coat, champagne”.51.cabaret Voltaire-“sensorial”.52.roland Sebastian faber-“löffelkinder”.53.turner cody-“if I had the drugs i`d take`em”.54.gold leaves-“cruel kind”.55.girls-“vomit”.56.mirror mirror-“Eugene”.57.die werkpiloten-“new arrangements”.58.eric Copeland-“fun dink death”.59.dennis coffey-“only good for ectomorph”.60.the tallest man on earth-“weather of a killing kind””.61.st. vincent-“surge on”.62.philipp quehenberger-“uffuff”.63.calams casino-“wizard”.64.theme park-“wax”(halls rmx).65.motion sickness of time travel-day glow”.66.how to dress well-“us in the sense of forever”.+”ready for the world”(twin sister rmx).67.the deadstock 33&stop makin me-“oscillate”.68.jokers of the scene-“joking victim”(shit robot rmx)