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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlists des 23 et 30 novembre

Morpheus lysergic factory radio show play lists du 23/11 et 30/11

1.eno-“bone jump”.2.the skywatchers-“dead flowers for her”.3.belleruche-“fuzz face”+”ginger wine”.4.towns van zandt-from our mother the mountain.5.arandel-“#7”+”#8”.

6.the third eye foundation-“fareidalia”+”if you treat us all like terrorists we will become terrorists”.7.robert Wyatt-“lush life”.8.gotan project-“la Gloria”(el remolon rmx).

9. quantic-“swing easy”+”tepico` el yaibi”.10.kxp-“labirynth”.11.funeral party-“finale”+”just because”. 12.garbo-“fire in the ground”.13.belone-“dance tune”.14.raph dumas&the primeveras-“trip”15..jimi Hendrix-“mr.bad luck”+”tears of rage”. 16. lars&the hands of light-“hey my love, hey love!”+”face your lover”.17.bjorn torske-“kokning”+”slittesko”.

18. laidback-“cocaine cool”.19.matthew dear-“you put a smell on me” (nicolas jaar rmx).20.nakion-“jesu sufo” (club Silencio rmx).21.coil-“blood from the air”+”windowpane”.

22. Yeah yeah yeah-“skeletons”. 23. Sven weisemann-“placid love”.24.wild beasts-“two dancers”(Jon Hopkins rmx).25.aloe black-“I need a dollar”(tensnake  mix).

26. dop-“ l`hospital+la rue+ la prison”(dj koze rmx). 27. canyons-“my rescue”(dr. dunks disco ext.).28. Otp party breaks-“freak”.29.black van-“moments of excellence”.

30. moebius&neumeier”-zero set 2”-reconstruct by prins Thomas.31.bicep-“Darwin”(retro/grade edit). 32. losoul-“btw”(plein soleil rmx).33.trentemöller-“silver surfer,ghost rider go !!!”(trentemöller rmx).34.marc e-“Chicago damn”.35.commix-“satellite type 2”(marcel dettman rmx).36.portable-“life magically is”.37.tiga-“love don`t dance here anymore(carl craig rmx 1).38.the muel-“horizon”+”go and do that”.39.booghaloo zoo-“I got”(Mugwump rmx).40.tanz-“okey”(plastique de reve rmx). 41. The temper temper-“fader”(pivot rmx).42.headman-“blue boys”(chmmr rmx). 43.arveene&misk-“love&lost”(a.beadle rmx).44.hot chip-“I feel better”(florian meindl rmx).45.act yo age-“oyee”(lazy ants rmx).46.mirrors-“way to an end”.47.dark party-“can`t stop”.48.abstraxion-“mickey rourke”+”mickey rourke”(krikor rmx).49.awolnation-“guilthy filthy soul”(sam ronson rmx).50.psychic ills-“ I take you as my wife again”(gibby Haynes rmx).51.telessen-“mandrake”.52.A-trak feat. Cyhi d prynce-“rayban vision”.53.mujuice-“velvet”.

54.lou Rhodes&the cinematic orchestra-“one good thing”.55.cepia-“incurvatus inse”.56.sinner dc-“glass alley”+”digital dust”.57.discodeine feat. Jarvis cocker-“synchronize”(radio edit).58.azari&iii-“into the night”(nicolas jaar rmx).59.seeland-“Abraham,martin&john”.60.posthuman-“Stockholm syndrome pt1”.61.mr.little jeans-“rescue song”(roc rmx). 62. Home video-“the automatic process(silver swans rmx).63.gold panda-“vanilla minus”.64.rmvn-“uno”.65.psychic powers-“Wellington”