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Lysergic Factory / Playlists des 19 et 26 avril

Morpheus-lysergic factory play lists of the 19&26 april:

1.kokoro thief-“float”.2.ooooo-“burnout eyes”.3.king creosote&jon Hopkins-“bubble”+”running on fumes”.4.gorillaz-“shy-town”+”Amarillo”.5.lykke li-“I know places”.6.metrnomy-“she wants”+”everything goes my way”.7.skeletons-“people”.8.wild beasts-“albatross”.9.santigold-“your voice”.10.mc doom-“vomit(33 rmx)”.11.connan mackasin-“forever dolphin love(erol alkan rework).12.the shoes-“wastin` time(boombass rmx)”13.superhumanoids-“malta(lesands rmx)”.14.toro y moi-2still sound”. 15. swthrt-“I am in misery”. 16. Marissa Nadler-“baby I will leave you in the morning”. 17. French horn rebellion-“up all night (club feet rmx).18. Freelance whales-“generator 2nd floor”.19.clams casino-“gorilla”. 20.james blake-“a case of you”.21.david bowie-“niteflight”.22.crackboy-“house of ill fame”.23.eno-“moon river”.24.william fitzsimmons-“the tide pulls from the moon(acustic version).25.tyler the creator feat. Hodgy beats-“french(toro y moi rmx).26.thieves like us-“your love runs still”.27.the rosebuds-“second bird of paradise”.28.nhar-“thelema”(plein soleil rmx).29.when saints go machine-“fail forever(nicolas jaar rmx).30.breton-“counter balance”. 31. scientist-“korg back dub”.32.former ghosts-“new Orleans”.33.robin bacior-“man before me”. 34. Amon tobin-“kitty cat”. 35.clair obscure-“black”.36.pantha du prince-“stick to my side(walls version).37.as we fall-“fun is dead”+”menphis”.38.mountaineer-“golden chalk”(idjut boys version).39.banjo or freakout-“go ahead”+”105”.40.gable`-“my diamond pond”.41.daft punk-“tron/the grid”.42.d.s la rue-“do you want the real thing(richard sen&gazbee edit).43.arthur russell-“moon(rob mello rmx)”.44.the field-“sequenced(rainbow Arabia`s rmx).45.desolate-“endurance”.46.dog eat dog-“the search”.47.c cat trance-“(screaming)to be with you”+”she ever does”.48.zwischenfall-“flucht”.49.adrian pride-“her name is melody”.50.the monkees-“porpoise song”.51.can-“millionspiel(edit)”.52.timothy j fairplay-“sleigh ride/blizzard(a. weatherall rmx)”.53.tame impala-“why won’t you make up your mind?(erol alkan rework).54.volta cab-“why you came back here”+”ice”.55.cut copy-“take me over(azari& iii rmx).56.yama dirty crew-“did she die(don’t worry she’s safe mix).57.illya Santana-“trans border(leatherette rmx)”.58.the human league-“never let me go”(aeroplane rmx”.59.matthew david-“glow”.60.one Eskimo-“simple day”.61.the meteors-“tarzan&jane(Dj elin demo rmx)”.62.aloe black-“loving you is killing me(Manu le tough rmx)”.63.burial-“street halo”.