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Lysergic Factory / Playlists des 12 et 19 octobre

1. Tim Hardin-„once touched by flame“. 2.robert Wyatt-“lullaby for Irene”.3.teebs-“burner”.4.the skywatchers-“do you want to go to space young man!”+”the lunar tune”.

5. conjasufi-bears in heaven rmx.6.röyksopp-“the alcoholic”.7.david sylvian-“pure genius”+”angels”. 8. Aloe black-“miss fortune”+”life is hard”.9.o children-“fault line”.

10. mujuice-“sreg”+”estre enough”.11.aksak maboul vs. kesai allstars-“land dispute”+ optimo vs. konono no.1-“wumbauzanga”.12.happy the man-“starborne”.

13. Bruce hack-“ancient mariner”.14.e.m.a.k-“film musik”.15.futurisk-“army now”. 16. comix-“touche pas mon sexe”. 17. The durutti column-“black horses”.

18. Zombie zombie-“escape from LA”: !9:ae`rea negrot-“hair”.20.from Norway-“heathen burial”(orig.)+(trulz and robin rmx). 21. Bruce Johnston-“pipeline”. 22. marbert rocel-“goya”(juju&jordash rmx).23.chicken lips-“she fish”.24.aeroc-“my love the wave break”. 25. Jimmy castor-“say Leroy”. 26. blakula-“miss morgue”. 27. bodycode-“imitation lover”.28.cfef-“before and after light”. 29. eskmo-“cloudlight”.30.blixaboy-sci-fi jack”. 31. Maximum balloon feat. Aku-“tiger”. 32. Peter Gordon-“roses on the dance floor”.

33. wire-“two minutes”.34.silje nes-“the grass harp”. 35. lovers-“boxer”.36.superhumanoids-“wombats Tokyo (superhumanoids rmx). 37. escort-“cocaine blues”. 38.silver swans-“secrets”.39.the temper tramp-“resurrection(penguin prison rmx).40.the acron-“bobcat goldwraith(jokers of the scene dub)”.41.kisses-“kisses”.42.ratatat-“mahalo”+”we cant be stopped”.43.james blake-“klavier werke”. 44.nicolas jaar-“wouh”.+”love you gotta lose again” 45.nosaj thing-“1010”+”quest”.46.luke million-“italo journey(mighty mouse rmx)”.47.babe terror-“summer time our league(orig.+four tet rework)”.48.lawrence vs. seth troxler-“miles in aphrika(you and me edit)”.49.cos/mes-“Gomez land(tbd rmx)”.50.danso-“kono”. 51. The gaslamp killer feat.conjasufi-“when I’m in awe”.52.violens-“acid reign (in the trees mix)”.53.jewrythmics-“misirlou (omfo rmx) + (Pete Herbert rmx). 54. superpitcher-“who stole the sun”. 55.fennesz-“antonia”.56.underworld-“always loved a film(clement meyer rmx).57.coco rosie-“r.i.p burnface”.58.gold panda-“some dream china”.59.the glass-“four four letter(black van rmx).60.suddenly sunshine-“summer days(isan rmx).61.devin the dude-“jus` coolin`”.62.panacustica-“rat`s poem(prins Thomas rmx).