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Lysergic Factory / Playlists des 12 et 19 juillet

Morpheus lysergic factory play lists du 12&19 July:

1.coil-“anything that flies”+”triple sun”+” a white rainbow”.2.eno-“breath of crows”+”another title.3.thurston moore-“January”.4.the divided circle-“all your plans”+”the starting line”+”don’t let me in”(wrexile rmx).5.popol vuh-“hosianne mantra”(stereolab rmx).6.the shoes-“investigator”+”people movin`”.7.intelligence dept.-“sister Europe”.8.african head charge-mysterious happenings”.9. lee scratch perry/george faith&upsetters-“i`ve got the dub”+”strong drink”.10.the horrors-“endless blue”+”I can see through you”.11.timber timbre-“bad ritual”.12.bon iver-“Holocene”.13.how to dress well-“suicide dream”(orch. Version).14agoria-“panta rei”(Balearic mix).15.cohen-“on the scene”.16.wombats-“techno fan”(diplo rmx).17. Aladdin-“the sun is on fire”(glib`r dub mix).18.wolf gang-“the king and all his men”(teed rmx).19.dj shadow-“I gotta rokk”(irn mnky swagger mix)+”I’ve been trying”(various I’ve done trying mix).20.peter bjorn and john-“second chance”.21.ada-“2 likely(pt 2)”+”interlude”.22.dark star-“deadness”+”two chords”.23.tv on the radio-“future shock”+”repetition”.24.zola Jesus-“vessel(conatus mix)”+night”.25.the hundred days-“sex u”.26.jahdan blakka moore-“all comes back to me”.27.stabil elite-“gold”(l.a crack mix)+”der mann auf der kutsche”.28.ariel pink`s haunted graffiti-“flight night”(dam funk rmx).29.wooden shjips-“lazy bones”.30.veronica falls-“come on over”.31.jazz never sleeps-“diepgank”.32.bullion-“you drive me to plastic”+”magic was ruler”.33.the oscillation-lament”+”future echo”.34.arthur`s landing-“it’s a boy”+”your motion says”.35.benoit&sergio-“everybody”.36.washed out-“a dedication”.37. people like us-“goodbye”+”pickup”.38.sven weisemann-“the swan of desire”.39.lydis lunch-“champagne, cocaine&nicotine stains”.40.mdk-“what music needs”.41.mugwump-“morning glory”.42.the real Tuesday weld-“me and Mr. wolf”.43.locksly-“the whip”(the rapture rmx).44.bright archer-“hidden systems”.45.meteors-“tarzan&jane”(krikor rmx).46.visions of trees-“sorrow”.47.hoory for earth-“no love”.48.noah and the whale-“blue skies”(yacht rmx).49.mirror mirror-“my talisman”.50.howthorne headhunters-“if you were my baby”.51.zee Avi-“swell window”.52.theophilus London-“why even try”(rac rmx).53.teen daze-“the harvest”.54.sleeping bag-“slime”.55.levon vincent-“man or mistress”.56.xxxy-“you gotta do you”.57.ex-pylon-“hammer fest”.58.mom uk2 . 59. Floating points-“faruxz”.60.the raincoats-“dance of hopping mad”.61.the pop group-“trap”.62.23 skidoo-“the gospel comes to new guinea”.63.nicolas jaar-“too many kids finding rain in the dust” (pépé bradocks blind pig mix).