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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du mardi 7 février

1. Massive attack vs. burial-“four walls”.2.wolfgang voigt-“frieden”.3.sleepover-“romantic streams”.4.anchorsong-“ornaments”+”daybreak”.5.synkro-“memory”.6.ooooo feat. Butterclock-“no way back”.7.shigeto-“huron river drive”.8.david sylvian-“I should not dare”.9.jugoe-“in memory of”(super spirit rmx).10.bombey bicycle club-“dust on the ground”(banjo or freakout rmx).11.moonface-“dreamland ep:marimba and shit drums”.12.dillon-“thirteen thirty five”.13.the mole-“chimes and bells”.14.emily karpel-“ohsher”.15.matthew dear feat. Jonny pierce-“in he middle”.16.peter kruder-“xenomorph”.17.groove armada-“superstylin”(the control freakz bootleg mix).18.young husband-“tropic of cancer”.19.faster the people-“pumped up kids”.20.red axes-“tour de chile”.21.the bandana splits-“ricky dee”(mujaji rmx).22.gotye-“somebody that I used to know”(biblo rmx).23.kaiser chiefs-“never miss a beat”(yuksek rmx).24.john lenine band-“7h du mat”.25.black keys-“lonely boy”.26.red krayola-“say hello to jamie jones”.27.the mandrake memorial-“Sunday noon”.28.notes from the underground-“who needs me”.29.lumerians-“Atlanta brook”.30.30 miles from Vancouver-“eternal youth, eternal fun”.31.juveniles-“night nights”.32.the soft moon-“breath the fire”.33.bney hama-“bney hama”.34.xeno&oaklander-“4th wall”.35.crawling chaos-? From the gas chair album.36.biosphere-“blue Monday”(new order cover).37.escort-“make over”.38.uzi navon&acquaintances-“if this must be the end”.39.quantic soul orch.-“walking through tomorrow”(tm juke rmx).40.loney dear-“calm down”.41.king midas sound-“one ting”(dabrye rmx).42.taj mehal-“scratch my back”.