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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du mardi 5 juin

1.curt boettcher-“brand new old friends”.2.oOoOO-“breakyrheartt”.3.synkro-“knowledge”.4.poisson chat-“dave kalama”.5.gang colours-“I don’t want you calling”.6.chromatics-“lady”.7.demian clav-“edelweiss flight”.8.sandra nkake`-“no more trouble”.9.o.pat-“soho”.10.cubenx-“grass”(Douglas greed rmx).11.suburban dream-“wandering around”.12.ryat-“raiz”.13.the tallest man on earth-“1904”.14.the time and space machine-“threshold”.15.blockhead-“creep`s crouchin”.16.the swerve-“crimson pool in the shadow of night”.17. Jeff phalps-“super lady”.18.new build-“do you not feel loved?”(juju&jordash rmx).19.darkness falls-“timeline”(trentemoller dub). 20. Arab dub-“haboob”.21.clark-“com touch”.22.pepe bradock-“katoucha”23.sinkane-“runnin”(daphni rmx).24.bobby brown-“oneness with the forest”.25.j.k&co-“fly”.26.mad river-“windchimes”.27.beacon street union-“the clown died in marvin gardens”.28.the yellow balloon-“junk maker shoppe”.29.merrell fankhauser and h.m.s bounty-“things(going round in my mind).30.fever tree-“where do you go?”.31.blaine l. reininger&William lee self-“the night you left”.32.the invisible-“wings”.33.the seeds-“a thousand shadows”.34.rival sons-“face of light”.35.early morning rebel-“burn us down”.36.whity-“Saturday night ate our lives”.37.richard Hawley-“leave your body behind you”.38.o.children-“the realest”.39. p.i.l-“reggie song”.40.john foxx and the maths-„talk (beneath your dreams) “feat. Matthew dear.41.magic wands-“burning up” (Madonna cover).42.mark stewart-“gustav says”.43.ice choir-“tele trips”.44.ogris debris feat.ken heyakawa-“the way” (radio edit).45.tomas barfod feat. Nina kinert-“November skies”.46.jimmy edgar-“too shy”.