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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du mardi 12 mars

1.vincent l.watson-“celtic beauty”.2.holy other-“touch”.3.benjamin damage-“end days”.4.jokers of the scene-“lovely sort of death”.5.nate Connelly-“fade”.6.nightlands-“so it goes”.7.fritz müller-“fritz müller traum”.8.mbv-“she found now”.9.conny plank rework by jens-uwe-beyer.10.ada-“faith”(dj koze rmx).11.donnie&joe emerson-“dream full of dreams”.12:asaf avidan-“thumbtacks in my marrow”.13.tosca feat. Sarah Cartier-“what if”.14.tomahawk-“baby let`s play”.15.the gruesome twosome-“miracle teeth”.16.nosaj thing-“tell”.17.synkro-“mutual divide «feat. Indigo.18.darkstar-“young heart`s”.19.apparat-“pv”.20.joie noire-“looking at you”.21.oval feat. Aiace-“credit roll”.22.the gruesome twosome-“I don`t care”.23.letherette-“she shines”.24.walter jones feat. Aily-“hands in the sand”.25.the sonic aesthetic-“dark of the moon”.26.bob chance-“it`s broken”(7” version).27.atoms for peace-“unless”.28.pasternak progress-“flower eyes”.29.unknown mortal orchestra-“secret xtians”.30.the factory-“try a little sunshine”.31.shoes-“nowhere so fast”.32.love-“your mind and we belong together”.33.jimi Hendrix-“earth blues”.34.chelsea light moving-“lip”.35.k-x-p-“melody”.36.the asphodels-“late flowering lust”.37.gramme-“I feel the moment”.38.john foxx and the maths feat. Matthew dear-“talk(beneath your dreams).39.edit by it`s a fine line.40.still corners-“berlin lovers”.41.the elriks feat. Apzee-“ I am who I am”.42.the crystal ark-“crossing”.43.henrik Schwarz-“take words in return”(vocal rmx by carl craig).44.elektro guzzi-“cashmere”.45.lone-“am portal” 46.edit by young marco.