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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du mardi 11 juin

1.jon Hopkins-“abandon window”.2.john beltran-“Medellin”.3.bearing strait-“surya”.4.demian clav-“slow boat to nowhere”.5.cloud boat-“youthern”.6.stratus-“sympatry”.7.nino ferrer-“on passé trop de temps”.8.48 cameras feat. Martyn bates&peter becker-“laments for our isobel”.9.yasmine hamdan-“samar”.10.nick nicely-“on the beach(the ladder descends).11.norsco-“alexandre”.12.vuurwerk-“teen angst”.13.jacco gardner-“cabinet of curiosities”.14.mount kimbie-“made to stray”.15.kelpe-“puds”.16.night works-“the evening time”.17.david yow-“tonight you look like a spider”.18.shuggie Otis-“don`t you run away”.19.phonat-“ride the prejudice”.20.the orb feat. Lee scratch perry-“no ice age”.21.grace jones-“hurricane dub”.22. the gutter twins( aka mark lanegan+)-“each to each”.23.s.o.b-“givin”.24.isole`e-“dennis”.25.primal scream-“tenement kid”.26.minimal compact-“new clear twist”(12” version).27.ramases-“journey to the inside”.28.lord sitar-“blue jay way”.29.sands-“listen to the sky”.30.the d.r hooker-“this thing”.31.the troyes-“rainbow chaser”.32.the seeds-“dreaming of your love”.33.neigbrhood children-“feeling zero”.34.morning dew-“epic:the mann death is a dream”.35.we the people-“too much noise”.36.mouse and the traps-“look at the sun”.37.the boston tea party-“please be glad( for what you have in your heart”.38.blues magoos-“there`s a chance we can make it”.39.clearlight-“night sounds loud”.40.Moon duo-“free action”(tom furse rmx).41.lives of angels-“meltdown”.42.la femme-“si un jour”.43.the third bardo-“lose your mind”.44.savages-“city`s full”.45.schlaflose nöchte-“muscle contraction”.46.ike yard-“shimmer”.47.red axes edit-“news peak”.48.acid arab feat omar souleyman-“shift alman”.49.drake feat. James fauntelroy-“girls love beyonce”( excerpt).