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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 4 décembre

1.ulrich schnauss-“long way to fall”.2.the durutti column-“at first sight”.3.rikky ekko-“pull me down”.4.philip glass-“knee 1”(nosaj thing rmx).5.holy other-“impouring”.6.darkstar-“timeaway”.7.bullion-“synth grub”.8.land of light-“a strange attractor”.9.bill fay-“empires”.10.bob Dylan-“masters of war”(d.s mix).11.shelter point-“forever for now”.12.john Lennon-“how can you sleep”?(the reflex stems re-version).13.bot`ox-“basement love”.14.sleep party people-“I`m not human at all”.15.slugabed-“wake up”feat.szjerdene.16.badly drawn boy-“magic in the air”.17.lupo feat. Laura lek mun-“look at me”(ken hayakawa rmx). 18.prince rama-“fire sacrifice”.19.lanu-“beautiful trash” feat.megan Washington.20.cody chesnutt-“don`t follow me”.21.the cutler-“burn the bankers”.22.jah wobble&keith levene-“understand dub”.23.hey,rube!-“kamikaze peloton”.24.the unknown cases-“masimbabele 89”(Adrian Sherwood rmx).25.scott walker-“see you don`t bump his head”.26.thao&the get down-“holy roller”.27.night plane-“gates of dawn”feat.heather d`angelo.28.herbert-“it`s only”(dj koze rmx).29.banks-“arise,awake”.30.ryan vail-“heartbeat”.31.moonkyte-“blues for beadicea”.32.andwella`s dream-“felix”.33.sands-“listen to the sky”.34.tommy roe-“moon talk”.35.morgen-“of dreams”.36.src-“interval”.37.art boys collection-“freedom, voice of my soul”.38.shadows of knight-“from way out to way under”.39.tame impala-“endors toi”.40.moon duo-“trails”.41.toy-“heart skip a beat”.42.normil Hawaiians-“the beat goes on”.43.ytpo-“an bciony 3anax 3 atyxlunx cbeyen”.44.crawling chaos-“stinging gnats”.45.pez-“Buddha`s watching”.46.mark stewart feat. Factory floor-“stereotype”(fred ventura&paolo gozzetti italoconnection rmx).