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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 26 juin

1. tastatur-“eierkuchen”.2.rotem or-“dear sir” (rejoicer rmx).3.jj-“times”.4.pajaro sunrise-“old goodbyes” (charles trees rmx).5.tarajana pyjarama-“four legged”.6.clams casino feat. Lil b-“live from the hood”.7.can-“a swan is born”.8.my favorite robot-“barricade” (photek rmx).9.synkro-“why don`t you”10. Nachklang musik-“one small step”.11.bobby Womack feat.lana del rey-“dayglo reflection”.12. protassov-“ice cream lover” (demo).13.laetitia sadler-“there is a price to pay for freedom and it isn’t security”.14.beacon street union-“Angus of Aberdeen”.15.cloud nothings-cut you”(co la version)16.slugabed-“dragon drums”.17.moonface-“heartbreaking bravery”.18.the very polish cut–outs-“powiedzmy to”(zambon edit).19.leonie-“lennon”.20.bertrand Burgalat-“tout me fait rire”.21.chicha libre-“l`age d`or”.22. dseone-“end egg”.23.el-p-“for my upstairs neighbor (mums the word)”.24.doctor l.-“prison”.25.sandra nkake`-“you`d better dance”.26.poolside-“slow down”.27.arsenal-“one day at the time”(joakim rmx).28.fantastic man-“scenic route”.29.spontaneous overthrow-“all about money”.30.francis bebey-“il n`y a pas de crocodiles a cocody”.31.the love supreme-“an encircled switch”.32.dntel-“bright night”.33.merrell fankhauser and h.m.s bounty-“ice cube island”.34.the millennium-“the know it all”.35.the other half-“oz lee eaves drops”.36.mad river-“jersey sloo”.37.whity-“people”.38.o children-“I know(you love me).39.p.i.l-“deeper water”.40.crocodiles-“Sunday(psychic conversation #9)”.41.a place to bury strangers-“mind control”.42.inner gaze-“mutual dreaming”.43.kontra void-“silent visions”.44.world unknown-“inhalt”.45. The drowning men-“smile”.46.mungolian jet set-“toccata”.47.hot chip-“let me be him”48. Ice choir-“I want you now and always”.49.tristesse contemporaine-“hell is other people” (wagner film noir mix).