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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 23 octobre

1.matthewdavid-“make your own 2007”.2.franco falsini-“cold nose”(parte 3/excerpt).3.every hidden color-“I”(excerpt).4.how to dress well-“say my name or say whatever”.5.yoggy one-“it`s where my story begins”.6.emeralds-“search for me in the wasteland”.7.the divided circle-“a ghost”.8.makoto-“73”.9.the xx-“our song”.10.stumbleine feat. Steffaloo-“fade into you”.11.upsetters-“fever grass dub”.12.mindex-“lucid dreams”.13.lord of the isles-“fs01”.14.how to destroy angels-“keep it together”(dave sitek rmx).15.john cale-“sandman(flying Dutchman).16.philip glass-“montage”(tim hecker rmx).17.glen Campbell-“nothing but the whole wide world”.18.malka spigel-“chasing shadows”.19.tomas barfod-“broken glass”.20.don nino-“beats”(turzi rmx).21.matthew dear-“earthforms”(michna rmx).22.herbal j-“voices”.23.monoton-“1=1”.24.flying lotus feat. Erykah badu-“see thru to u”.25.inc.-“the place”.26.kid koala-“7bit blues”.27.taj mahal-“you ain`t no street walker hony but I do love the way you strut your stuff”.28.errors-“relics”(Egyptian hip hop rmx).29.the presets-“ghosts”(senor coconut rmx).30.daphni-“pairs”.31.emmplekz-“coughing for Belgium”. 32.vivian stanshall-“truck-track”.33.clubman-“vacances”.34.godz-“abc”.35.the human beast-“maybe someday”.36.kaleidoscope-“sunny side circus”.37.butch engle&the styx-“I like her”. 38.the lollipop shoppe-“don`t look back”39.swans-“avatar”.40.toy-“make it mine”.41.tame impala-“nothing that has happened so far has been anything we could control”.42.soulwax-“funny”.43.the curve-“golden void”.44.phil Kieran&bush tetras-“snakes crawl”(east village rmx).45.andreas dorau-“Fred from Jupiter”.46.night plane-“heartbeat”.47.steve Reich-“Nagoya marimba”(hnny rmx).48.gary war-“superlifer”.49.yoggy one-“paper airplane to bestown”.