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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 23 juillet

1.these new puritans-“the light in your name”.2.family-“dark eyes”.3.tropic of cancer-“the dull age”.4.radio people-“night club”.5.mark lanegan&duke Garwood-“shade of the sun”.6.david lynch&lykke li-“I’m waiting here”.7.david lynch-“ the line it curves”.8.jagwar ma-“backwards berlin”.9.chateau marmont-“desertic”.10.demian clav-“all night party”.11.jose` Feliciano-“my world is empty”.12.the Beatles-“because”(d.v.s rmx).13.sparkling cuts-“nail with a feather”.14.jono mccleery-“painted blue”.15.bill wells&aidan moffat-“Glasgow jubilee”(jd twitch optimo rmx).16.blaine reninger-“birthday song”.17.eva patersen feat. Will sergeant-“don`t bother me”.18.john beltran-“weekend homage”.19.saul Williams/pro tools-“fuck the beliefs”.20.gerhard Heinz-“beautiful model”.21.atom tm/lisa carbon-“duck cha cha”.22.acid washed-“house of melancholy”.23.knx-“preservatives”.24.london posse-“gangster chronicle”.25.emika-“sing to me”.26.kelpe-“astrolomy”.27.boards of Canada-“new seeds”.28.gold panda-“brazil”.29.matias aguayo-“el such”.30.the serpent power-“flying away”.31.the calico wall-“I’m a living sickness”.32.damon-“don`t you feel me”.33.the peanut butter conspiracy-“then came love”.34.khazad doom-“excerpts from uncle gilroys crazy son”.35.mellow candle-“boulders on my grave”.36.miracles workers-“strange little girl”.37.the seeds-“the wind blows your hair”(version 2).38.clearlight-“they who have nothing”.39.human expression-“love at a psychedelic velocity”.40.neighb`rood childr`en-“changes brought to me”.41.the outsiders-“doctor”(instr. Version).42.the buckinghams-“don`t want to cry”.43.melvins-“carpe diem”(the fugs cover).44.pink frost-“ruins”.45.whoa bear-“rock em`up”.46.savage republic-“sword fighter”.47.factory floor-“real love”(an optimo(espacio)mix).48.reaper/red axes feat. Abaao-“caminho de dreyfus”.49.section 25-“looking from a hill top” feat. Stephan mallinder(wrangler rmx).50.fsnk-“daytime dreaming”(don summer rmx).51.danton eeprom-“into the dark”.