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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 22 avril 2014

1.klara lewis-“clearing”.2.architectural-“14.3”.3.suzanne kraft-“missum”(pt.vi).4.axhan sonn-“kaos”.5.brett naucke-“sorrel&grays”.6.stratus-“we walked the shores”.7.cliff Martinez-“we had a good time”(from drive motion picture soundtrack).8.smoke signals-“let go”.9.damon albran-“hollow ponds”.10.teen daze-“tokyo winter”.11.vermont-“sharav”.12.panoram-“alone in Hawaii”.13.dillon-“currents change”.14.el txef a-“somewhere in a small town”(el txef a band live recordings).15.villagers-“beatitudes”.16.cult with no name-“no stranger than fiction”.17.blixa bargeld and teho teardo-“nirgendheim”.18.lo-fang-“#88”.19.mother earth-“down so low”.20.chet faker-“release your  problems”.21.plaid-“hawkmoth”.22.fiodor-“jenny  kissed me”.23.principles of geometry-“streamsters”(tanner ross rmx).24.ficci feat.la medusa-“wish”.25.the acid-“basic instinct”(lapalux rmx).26.teebs-“wavxxes”(feat. Lars horntveth).27.bunny on acid-“its on”(feat. Amp fiddler).28.red axes-“only a clown can catch an axe”.29.saada Bonaire-“invitation”.30.hot chip-“atomic bomb”(a William onyeabor cover).31.grace jones-“me! I disconnect from you”(a Gary numan cover).32.aphrodites child-“the grass is no green”.33.Tuesdays children-“strange light from the east”.34.le orme-“ad  gloriam”.35.denis couldry&the next collection-“I am nearly there”.36.dead meadow-“burn the here and now”.37.blossom toes-“I’ll be late for tea”.38.clinic-“touch me”(a doors cover).39.the tuneful trolley-“written charter”.40.the litter-“action woman”.41.the notwist-“kong”.42.the amazing snakeheads-“I’m a vampire”.43.dead rider-“blank green”.44.marie Davidson-“je ne taime pas”.45.das kabinette-“the evil of his kiss”.46.craig Leon-“donkeys bearing cups”(excerpt).47.the cure-“just like heaven”(the penelopes rmx).48.eno&hyde-“daddy`s car”(radio edit).