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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 21 janvier

1.nils frahm-“says”.2.dan slepian-“awakening”(excerpt)( from I am the center compilation).3.peter peter-“free”( from the vawhalla rising film soundtrack).4.genia faierman-w.l(atom Tm rmx).5.james vincent mcmorrow-“outside,digging”.6.nils frahm-“you”(teen daze rmx).7.irmin Schmidt-“geisterlied”.8.cfcf-“transcend”.9.deo&z-man-“universal neighbours”.10.bidibop-“merry go round”.11.magnetik north-“fuck the napkin”.12.neguim beats-“life in abundance”.13.thingamajicks-“priceless”.14.nino martino-“last page”.15.jon Hopkins-“open eye signal”(nosaj thing mix).16.bus-“cold soup”.17.blood orange-“on the line”.18.hvob feat. Robin Schmidt-“lion”.19.young fathers-“outlaw”.20.run the jewels-“twin hype back”feat.prince paul.21.iva g.moskovich-“for your love”22.royksopp-“running to the sea”(radio edit).23.cashmere cat-“with me”(radio edit).24.animal chuki-“capicua”.25.danton eepron-“biscotto &chimpanzee”.26.suzanne vega-“I never wear white”.27.spanky monkey-“whisky boys and rock n roll”.28.adrian baker&roy morgan-“freshman”(from luke vibert`s nuggets compilation)29.jowe head-“craw fish”.30.the liminanas-“je ne suis pas tres drogue”.31.the maze-“as for now”.32.the ides of march-“roller coaster”.33.morly grey-“be your king”.34.brain police-“I’ll be on the inside, if I can”.35.cerebran-“eagle death”.36.paul revere&the raiders-“hungry”.37.joy ride-“lost angel proper st.”.38.cromagnon-“ritual feast of the libido”.39.toy-“it`s been so long”.40.new war-“game of love”.41.bot`ox-“goodby fantasy”(phil Kieran rmx).42.vatican shadow-“remember your black day”(boutheyna traditions).43.burial-“rival dealer”.44.av-“hotel congress”(Dominique A cover version).45.the orb&lee scratch perry-“ball of fire”(deadbeat`s dub mix).46.killing joke-“labyrinth dub”(dynamics of geometry dub).47.telepop-“fever”.48.mansisters-“I love the way you hold my hips”(red axes rmx).