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Lysergic Factory – playlist du 20 mai 2014

1.emerald web-“night song”.2.zk-“I am john Wilmot”.3.k.leimer-“porcelain” feat. Nancy estle.4.vangelis ketsoulis-“imago”.5.damon albarn-“everyday robots”.

6.timber timbre-“bring me simple man”.7.mecano-“dusty soul”.8.id3-“tangle”(feat.la medusa).9.chet faker-“lesson in patience”.

10.jozef van wissen feat. Zola Jesus-“templum dei”(from the Jim jarmusch`s film soundtrack only lovers left alive).11.feadz-“humanity”(from vandroid soundtrack).

12.teen daze-“paradise”.13.lykke li-“I never learn”.14.bonobo-“get thy bearings”(Donovan cover version).15.django django-“porpoise song”(the monkees cover version)

16.julien gasc-“nos deux corps sont en toi”.17.gidge-“I fell in love « .18.el txef-« every day is blue Monday ». feat.maggy.19.flume&chet faker-« drop the game ».

20.damh-“black night”(dj koze mix).21.dillon-“a matter of time”(ksawa rmx).22.eno&hyde-“who rings the bell”.23.cubenx-“mercurial”(feat. Cyane quijano)(short version).24.flunk-“blue Monday”(gernot lange rmx)(new order cover version).25.tender games-“in a mess”(kasper bjorke rework).26.lee perry&the upsetters-“high rankin sammy”.

27.sly&Robbie-“thumb drive”.28.mato-2rollin`&scratchin dub”( a daft punk cover version).29.tuccinelli-“tempo libre”.30.jagwarma-“man I need dub”(the time and space machine dub mix).31.david lynch-“wishin well”(hot since 82 rmx).32.kaleidoscpe-“lie to me”.33.the sopwith camel-“maybe in a dream”.

34.primal scream-“goodbye johnny”(Andrew weatherall`s nyabinghi noir mix)(from the Jeffrey lee pierce sessions project).35.amon duul 2-“wolf city”.

36.the amazing snakeheads-“every guy wants to be her  baby”.37.reign ghost-“travels of blue paradox”.38.phil Cordell-“red lady”.39.dead rider-“cry honey”.

40.the litter-“I’m a man”.41.the horrors-“chasing  shadows”.42.charles de goal-“synchro”.43.cold colors dans le vide-“les ombres”.

DJ Morpheus will be absent for 3 weeks but he will be back on the 17th of June !