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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 20 décembre

1.peaking lights-“synthy”+”amazing&wonderful”&”tiger eyes(laidback)(Adrian Sherwood rmx).2.joy wellboy-beggars song”.3.okkervil river-“it is so nice to get stoned”.4.alex cortex-“kihon 11”.5.section 25-“section the 25th”.6.cheli x-“nuclear seasons”(balam acab rmx).7.chapelier fou-“scandale!”.8. dillon-“your flesh against mine”.9.david lynch feat. Karen o-“pinky`s dream”.10.axel krygier-“cucarche” (phillip cohen –solal rmx).11. Unkle feat. Big in japan (Baltimore)-“the answer” (trentemoller rmx).12.lana del rey-“video games”.13.mwahaha feat.merrill garbis of tune yards-“love”.14.lula circus-“fake blood true wound”.15.the phenomenal hand clap band-“following”(special single version).16.matthew dear-“head cage”.17.rebolledo-“canivalon”.18.holloys-“#25”.19.mein sohn William-“until the end”.20.morpheus secrets-“one single life”.Emily karpel-“kaftor”.22.blackout beach-“be forewarned the night has come”.23.elektro guzzi-“panier”.24. The rolling stones-“Tallahassee lassie”.25.the skull defects-“join the truth”.26.lumerians-“burning mirrors”.27. pontiak-“lions of east”.28.tristesse contemporaine-“didn’t know”.29.lee Hazelwood-“rainbow woman”.30.elizabeth-“you should be more careful”.31.the ballroom-“baby please don’t go”.32. leila-“disappointed cloud”.33.luke abbott-“brazil”.34.tusk two.35.rubini-“gin sonic” (naughty rmx 1).36. Eats everything-“the size”.37.nils nor-“skogsdans” (the knights of jumungus rmx).38.double hill&Jerome c-“a little more”.