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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 16 juillet

1.john beltran-“broken mechanism”.2.magic arm-“not a second time”(beatles cover).3.48 cameras&scanner-“we could bring you silk in may #1”.4.soft machine-“certain kind”.5.stratus-“clockwork quartet”.6.boardsof Canada-“nothing is real”.7.these new puritans-“v(island song).8.jacco Gardner-“you really got a hold on me”(Beatles cover).9.solar bears-“oceans bleeding through”.10.nick nicely-“6b obergine”.11.emika-“primary colours”.12.c.a.r-“hijk”.13.savages-“marshal dear”.14.cloud boat-“pink grin#1”.15.chateau marmont-“affaire classee”.16.gerhard Heinz-“I’m your pussycat”.17.jon Hopkins-“sun harmonics”.18.gold panda-“an English house”.19.ork style- w.l.20.bobby bland-“ain`t no love in the heart of the city”.21.tandyn almer-“victims of chance”.22.family-“my friend the sun”.23.acid washed-“gasoline”.24.emily bell-“back to the way I was”.25.kelpe-“nice eyes in my size”.26.tristesse contemporaine-“woodwork”.27.the blue angel lounge-“street&exile”.28.khazad doom-“in this world”.29.demian clav-“holy road”.30.shin junghyun&the men feat.jonghyun-“twilight”.31.m.said&les remaja-“temesah ria”.32.herbel mixture-“machines”.33.miracle workers-“you don`t know”.34.the peanut butter conspiracy-“why did I get so high”.35.clearlight-“she`s ready to be free”.36.human expression-“optical sound”.37.the third bardo-“I can understand your problem”.38.the dovers-“she`s not just anybody”.39.the seeds-“chocolate river”(contact high sessions).40.neighbrhood children-“up down turn around world”.41.savage republic-“Jamahiriya”.42.the outsiders-“prison song”( instr. Version).43.the ruins-“the end”.44.melvins-“black betty”(cover).45.ttj 733 edit/rock.46.golden bug-“room 666”(red axes rmx).47.m.c-“next one is real/dark sax”( d.baladeli edit).48.section 25-“desert”( samy Morpheus&erge storman cover version).49.gary numan-“big noize transmission”(tim burgess rmx).50.section 25-“girls don`t count”(atomizer rmx).51..ike yard-“ncr”(monoton dub).52.mugwump-“boutade”(2013 techno redux dub).53.w.l .