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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 15 mai

 Lysergic factory Play list du 15/5:

1. chapelier fou-“l`eau qui dort”.2.oOooO-“starr”.3.chromatics-“there`s a light out on the horizon”+”candy”.

4.the swerve-“the beach”.5.d.pat-“what u see”.6.the invisible-“what happened”+”the wall”.7.tristesse contemporaine-“hierarchies”.8.coyote-“shocks main moto pulpit chill out mix.9.lorn-“diamond”.10.gangcolours-“to repel ghosts”.11.composer-“the edges of the world”. 12.richard Hawley-“don’t stare at the sun”.13.the time&space machine-“magic mountain”.14.phaseone-“being with you”(soul for real cover).15.marbert rocel-“whether the night”.16.cubenx-“grass”(robin Guthrie rmx). 17. Don nio-“beats 7inch”.18. dr. john-“you lie”.19.alabama shakes-“boys &girls”.20.principles of geometry-“carbon cowboy”.21.jack white-“missing pieces”.22.blaine l. reininger/William lee self-“the moment is now”.23.merrell fankhauser and h.m.s bounty-“a visit with ashiya”.24.the seeds-“six dreams”.25.ty segall-“wave goodbye”26. philm-“held in light”.27.linfinity-“miles”. 28. Spiritualized-“medication”.29.the vibrators-“stiff little fingers”.30. p.i.l-“I must be dreaming”. 31.demian clav-“holy road”.32.mark stewart-“autonomia”.33.the horrors-“wild eyed”( andy weatherall rmx).34.alan watts-“Africa bats”.35.yacht-“le goudron”(edit)(a Brigitte fontaine cover).36.psyche-“the crawler”.37. Planning by numbers-“kinetik”.38.arcade fire-“sprawl ii” (mountains beyond mountains).39.pitchben-“stand up” (tiger&woods rmx).40.olga kouklaki-“ready”.41.rituel-“take it easy”.42. oxia-“latitude”.43.simian mobile disco-“your love ain`t fair”.44.oil-“buddy”.45.drummagick-“swing samba”.46.still going-“D117”.47.boddika&joy orbison-“dun dun”.48.leo webster-“Detroit cheeky things”.