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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 13 mai 2014

1.zk-“the telephone”.2.vangelis katsoulis-“longing”.3.sinner dc-“Dreamliner”(pedro magina rmx).4.john carpenter&alan howarth-“through the mirror”(from the film soundtrack of prince of darkness).5.eno&hyde-“to us all”.6.damon albarn-“hostiles”. 7.freddy fender-“before the next teardrop falls”.8.timber timbre-“hot dreams”.9..julien  gasc-“tu mas quitte”.10.eddie shinn-“I say”.11.david lynch-“are you sure”(bastille rmx).12.chet faker-“dead body”.13.lykke li-“love me like im not made of stone”.14.panoram-“serenity cosmos”.15.yasmine hamdan-“hal”(from the jim jarmuschs only lovers left alive film soundtrack).16.emerald web-“photonos”.

17.ashlee-“hmu”.18.mecano-“the indoor lland art  soundtrack”.19.sly&Robbie-“French woman”.20.moebius neumeier engler-“wohlauf”.21.guru guru-“moroso”.

22.cult with no name-“over and out of here”.23.stratus-“mirrors”.24.shirley ellis-“the clapping song”.25.TunEyarDs-“water fountain”.26.kate tempest-“the beigeness”.

27.hidden orchestra-“seven hunters”(dan mentle rmx).28.DopplerEFFekt-“infophysix”.29.luke vibert-“acid jacker”.30.jacques greene-“no excuse”.

31.factory floor-“how you say”(Daniel avery rmx).32.the byrds-“I knew i`d want you”.33.twink-“you have been chosen”.34.jason crest-“teagarden lane”.

35.le orme-“fumo”.36.the crazy world of Arthur brown-“nightmare”.37.amon duul 2-“dehypnotized toothpaste”+”a short stop at the Transylvanian train-surgery”.

38.SQURL–“tunnel of love”(from j. jarmuschs only lovers left alive film soundtrack).39.dead meadow-“pushem to the crux”.40.the amazing snakeheads-“nighttime”.

41.sopwith camel-“cellophane woman”.42.stephen dale petit-“holla” (feat.mike taylor, patrick carney and Hubert sumlin).43.the horrors-“change your mind”

44.charles de goal-“modem”.45.zolar x-“space age love”.46.shoc corridor-“iceberg”.47.five times of dust-“the single off the album”.48.moscoman-“state of the nation”(edit).49.red axes-“the Watkins”.50.dead rider-“weird summer”.