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Lysergic Factory – playlist du 01/07/2014

1.nils frahm-“snippet”.2. slowcream-“suburb novel”.3.k.leimer-“entr`acte”.4.crazy baldhead-“romance”.5.laraaji-“kalimba”(ela Orleans rmx).6.scott walker-“what are you doing the rest of your life”.7.el txef a-“a heart for two”.8.taylor mcferrin-“degrees of light”.9.lana delrey-“old money”.10.boris blank-“licht haus”.

11 philip glass-“knee 1”(nosaj thing rmx) 12.taylor mcferrin-“invisible/visible” feat. Bobby mcferrin&cesar camengo -mariono.13.david bowie-“Sunday”(bbc2 radio live).

14.julia holter-“don`t make me over”.15. the books-“it`s mushhic”15.jon Hopkins-“we disappear” feat. Lu.16.brigitte fontaine-“marcelle”.17.harold budd-“maodan”-(patten rmx).

18.mr. scruff-“friendly bacteria”.19.kate tempest-“marshall law”.20.kelis-“Friday fish fry”.21.fatima al qadiri-“loading Beijing”.22.son lux-“alternate world”(alternate age).

23.mark lanegan&Bertrand cantat-“desire by blue river”.24.jah wobble&pj Higgins-“watch how you walk”(dennis bovell rmx).

25.maria Minerva-“runaway”.26.bobby Womack-“I can understand it”.27.boris blank-“electrified”.28.fujiya&miyagi-“little stabs at happiness”.

29.mental overdrive-“ritual”(jd twitch optimo rmx).30.slove-“flash”(pachanga boys hippie dance mix).31.reiterate vol.2-“holiday”(Steve-oh rmx)(a bee gees cover).

32.the flower pot men-“blow away”.33.peter Howell&john Ferdinando-“jabberwocky”.34.bananamoon band-“pretty miss titty”.35.lazy smoke-“all these years”.

36.os mutantes-“ave Genghis khan”.37.the aggregation-“looking for the tour guide”.38.the end-“dreamworld”.39.the paupers-“Cairo hotel”.

40.bob Dylan with mike Bloomfield-“tombstone blues”(alternate chambers brothers version).41.thinga to come-“character of Caruso”.

42.nazz-“forget all about it”.43.the human beinz-“nobody but me”+”foxy lady”( a jimi Hendrix cover).44.tame impala-“mind mischief”.45.fucked up-“glass boys”.

46.wrangler-“modern world”.47.traxx.npnk-“win2 play”.48.peter Kruder-“home”.