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Lysergic Factory / La playlist du mardi 13 décembre

1.oneohtrix point never-“andro”.2.dillon-“gumache”.3.perfume genius-“all waters”.4.mazart parties-“where is everybody gone”(elite gymnastics rmx).5.the dead stock 33s-“swans”.6.chapelier fou-“capitaine fracases”. 7. the do-“too insistent” (trentemoller rmx).8.alex cortex-“kihan 5”.9.david lynch-“Noah’s ark”.10.amy winehouse-“will you still love me tomorrow?”.11. pere grignard-“ring,ring, I’ve got to sing”.12.the rolling stones-“don’t be a stranger”.13.joy wellboy-“we need a plane”.14.islands-“this is not a song”.15.alekesam-“it`s not you its here”.16.the internet-“cocaine”(little dragon rmx).17.gang colours-“on Campton bay” 18.fol chen-“cable TV”. 19.races-“big broom”(sunglitter rmx).20.steve hauschildt-“already replaced”.21.shigeto-“lineage”.22.sepalcure-“see me feel me”.23.sleeping bags-“shark”.24.sharon von etten-“serpents”. 25.diamond rings-“mellow doubt”(teenage fan club cover).26.jürgen paape-“pray”.27.the skull defects-“fragrant nimbus”.28.arthur`s landing-“miracle”.29.notes from the underground-“where I’m at”. 30. The chocolate watchband-“no way out”.31.50 miles from Vancouver-“eternal youth/eternal fun”. 32. Blossom toes-“you”.33.maximum joy-“dancing on my boomerang”.34.mark Stewart-“nothing is sacred” 35. Co la-“vanity plate”. 36. Meat beat manifesto-“strap down”.37.test icicles-“circle square triangle” (chrome hoof rmx).38.cool runnings.”rusk”.39.blackout beach-“beautiful burning desire”.40.a place to bury strangers-“ego death”(figo rmx).41.pontiak-“shell skull”+ with drbouretum-“buffalo ballet”(a john cale cover).42.new cassettes­­-« silent guns ».43.rebolledo-« meet me at topazdeluxe ».44.robert edwin-“one”.45.wdq6/smokecloud rec.-“funk”.46.knowing looks- “listen to my 45”.47.death in Vegas-“your loft my acid(fearless trans-house mix).