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Lysergic Factory, la playlist des mardi 23 et 30 mars…

Playlist (in no particular order):

1. Von spar-“troops”, 2.pantha du prince-“es schneit”, 3.lusine-“every disguise”, 4. The durutti column-„chant“, 5.cluster-“imtrprien”, 6.gorilaz feat. Lou reed-“some kind of nature”,7.massive attack-“girl I love you”, 8.husky rescue-“first call”,9.dj food-“colours beyond colours”, 10.love supreme-“sugar”(social disco club rmx), 11.quasi-“repulsion”, 12.jimi Hendrix-“lullaby for the summer”, 13.four tet-“sing”(floating points rmx), 14.broken bells-“the high road”,15.gonja sufi-“ track 10”, 16.cibelle-“mr and Mrs grey”, 17.mike snow-“black &blue”(jay mo andy george rmx), 18.de salle-“peru(Mugwump rmx),19.nasaj thing-“coat of arms”, 20.joy orbison-“ derobe”, 21.lauren Pritchard-“stuck(various production rmx),22.flying lotus-“roberta flack(martyn`s hearbeat mix)”, 23.lissie-“everywhere I go”,24.paul weller-“no tears to cry(leo zero rmx)”

25.the golden filter-“hide me”, 26.mgmt-“flash delirium”, 27.plan b.-“she said(16 bit rmx),28.tosca-“springer(smith&mudd rmx), 29.lars and the hand of light-“me me me( trentemöller rmx),30.emanuel& the fear-“dear friend”, 31.french soler-“stop&stare(reset rmx)”, 32.stewart walker-“stratched notes”, 33.ripperton-“I know my place”,34.michael Jackson-“you are not alone”( Frankie knuckles rmx)”, 35.sebastian tellier-“ lamour et la violence(floating points rmx), 36.tunng-“hustle( bloc party rmx),37.spectacle-“prism”, 38.mathias schaffhaeser-“m2”, 39.lizzy parks-“all that(natural self rmx)”, 40.principles of geometry-“americhael”, 41.loose fit-“chug(greg wilson rmx)”,42.ettiem-“pills box(j.briff rework), 43.michael Jackson-“get on the floor(holy ghost rmx),44.passion pit-“little secrets(jay mo andy george rmx), 45.art bleak-“pacific coast highway(Jackson rmx)”,46.dzeta basile_”era”,47.of Norway-“heathen burial dub(2)”, 48.trulz and robin-“gay boys(rmx)”, 49.josh wink-“dolphin smack( martin buttrich rmx)”, 50.nico-“call girl storm”, 51.chancha via circuito-“cumbia murguera”, 52.bill withers-“you got the stuff(disco version)”, 53.andres/kzrc feat. Kemi-“feeding”,54.fudge fingas-“its about time”, 55.jack mate-“discodisco2”, 56.shit robot-w.l, 57.the xx-“islands(untold rmx)”, 58.christian martin-“ghosts”, 59.raz ohara-“the burning desire(fakesch rmx), 60.mr oizo-“lambs anger/jo( fakesch rmx), 61. The penelopes&morpheus-“licked by love (Linda lamb version), 62.jose james-“promise in love (dj mitsu the beats mix), 63.aloe blacc-“dollar”, 64. The whigs-“kill me carolyne”.