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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory du mardi 22 juin

Dj morpheus lysergic factory play lists of 22 &29 June (in no particular order)

1. emeralds-“summer data”.2.dm stith-“bmb” (demo). 3. dm stith-“abraham`s song (bibio rmx)

4. trentemoller-“neverglade”. 5. International peoples gang-“271 the trencherman”. 6. International peoples gang-“space book”

7. Renaissance man-“scat track”(buried tresuare mix). 8. pablo-“act of persuasion”

9. Push up-“feel like a bird” 10.matthew dear-“gem” 11. matthew dear-“monkey”

12. Dolphin boy-“don’t stop”(soulclap rmx&a. beadle edit mix) 13.funky porcini-“this ain`t the way to live”

14. Funky porcini-“moog river”. 15. Daniel haakssman-“well oso” 16.a-track-“trizzy turntup”

17. The album leaf-“falling from the sun” 18.morcheeba-“even though”(mustang rmx)

19. jazzsteppa-“investment decision” 20.caribou-“sun” (jack tennis rmx)

21. mount kimbie-“maybes”(james blake rmx) 22. Mount kimbie-“William (tama sumo&prosumer rmx)

23. Chemical brothers-“swoon (boyz noize inst. Mix) 24.chemical brothers-“another world”

25. hatchback-“comets (the beat broker mix) 26.lauren Pritchard-“painkillers”

27. Soap skin-“marche funebre”(dj koze rmx), 28. ogris debris-“dark aery”

29. scott hardkiss-“beat freak(morgan geist rmx) 30.shit browne-“dmd(anorak sunset mix)

31. The books-“beautiful people” 32.rocha-“feel the love (joakim rmx).

33. deluka-“cascade (the rapture rmx) 34.scuba-“tense (ramadanman rmx)

35. Kode 9-“you don’t wash (dub), 36.angelique kidjo-“move on up (radio clit rmx)

37. Agaric&shonky-“we are” 38.holger zilske-“te guardo une tarde de sol” 39.jin choi-“hurt locker”

40. Admiral freebee-“my hippie ain`t hip (dj Harvey rmx) 41.guillaume&the coutu…-“unwelcome”

42. The aikiu-“just can`t sleep (azari&iii rmx), 43.dead boy-“if u want me”

44. Ellen allien-“ourutopie” 45.ashra-“midnight on mars”. 46. Wooden shjips-“I hear the vibrations (e-z version)

47.phantom band-“cricket talk” 48.luca c&brigante-“lucio”, 49.james blake-“foot notes”

50. Nicolas jaar-“marks”, 51.gerd-“in the morning (at the club) (dj koze rmx)

52. jamie Lloyd-“beware of the light (barck&prommer`s disco mix) 53.urban tribe-“insolitology”

54. Worst friends-2neeves for none (eddie c. rmx) 55.tracey thorn-“why does the wind? (Michel cleis rmx)

56. Soft house company-“a little piano” 57.paul chambers-“yeah, techno!(soulwax rmx)

58. Holy fuck-“p.i.g.s”, 59.the Juan maclean-“accusations (gavin russom rmx) 60.cos/mes-“heavenly track (Johnny nash rmx)

61.bison-“soup fiction” 62. palais Schaumburg-“wir bauen eine neue stadt(wolfgang voight rmx pt.1)

63. Holy ghost-„say my name“64.mano le tough-“oblique (chateau flight rmx) 65.prins Thomas-“kukkelure”

66. Skinner box-“Sam” 67. Lucien-n-luciano-“melodrama”.