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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 8/12/15

1.anthony child-“the way home”

2.kiasmos aka ölafur arnaldos&janus Rasmussen-“held”

3.blond:ish-„lucy`s affair“

4.cloud boat-“dream”

5.the sound capsule-“when a man becomes electric”

6.neal casal/a.macdougall/d.horne/m.levy/circles around the sun-“mountains of the moon”(a cover of the grateful dead)

7.mark mcguire-“belief”

8.floating points-“nespole”

9.u.s girls-“red comes in many shades”

10.tidelines-“how to love me”

11.allen Toussaint-“southern nights”

12.synkro-“midnight sun”

13.annette peacock-“sky-skating”

14.the claret cat-“the sun”(orig.)

15.normil Hawaiians-“mould warp`s journey”

16.roots manuva-“fighting for?”

17.rival consoles-“afterglow”

18.todd terje-“leisure suit preben”

19.holzwarth-“long black hair”

20.sheloom-“every lion hearted man will show you”(a cover of the bee Gees)

21.blue daisy-“gravediggers”

22.die verboten(aka soulwax)-“aquarius”



25.coil-“nature is a language-the test”

26.larry gus-“nazgonya(paper spike)

27.tc sound-“Hebrew house”

28.kim fowley-“bubblegum”

29.apryl fool-“the lost motherland(pt2)”

30.mind garage-“emotion”

31.chris stamey and the dbs-“(I thought)you wanted to know”

32.the delta saints-“berlin”

33.visage-“seven deadly sins”(part three)

34.neud photo-“22:00 hours”

35.tipical me-“pope no hope”

36.gipsy family and linda lamb-“elevator”(orig. mix)

37.psychemagik-“mink and shoes”feat. Navid Izadi(richard Norris rmx)

38.unouzbeck and venture-“mumbay disco sensation”

39.hamza-“afro turk”

40.simple symmetry-“mimino”(instr. Mix)

41.acid arab-“hafla” feat. Kenzi bourras(instr.)