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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 8/03/16

1.pulsate-“come dwell in the void, with me”(excerpt)

2.repeated viewing/Alan Sinclair-“heartbeat”(from the original motion picture soundtrack the three sisters)

3.different fountains-“adam”(excerpt)

4.kurt stenzel-“feyd routha”(from jodorowsky`s dune film soundtrack)

5.ryuichi sakamoto&alva noto-“the revenant theme”(alva noto remodel)(from the original motion picture the revenant soundtrack)

6.per walther&dan marks radio underholdningorkester-“fiskeme”


8.david bowie-“crystal japan”

9.23 skidoo-“ayu(ambient)

10.essaie pas-“la chute”

11.dj krush-“coruscation”

12.tuxedomoon-“boxman( the city)(spoken word by Bruce geduldig)

13.massive attack feat. Tricky&3d-“take it xxthere”

14.mick ronson-“this is for you”

15.lucky sun-“dreamin”

16.the wilde flowers-“the pieman cometh”

17.submotion orchestra-“more than this”feat. Billy bouthro

18.few lab-“le rat”

19.charles Hayward-“let`s pretend”

20.andrew weatherall-“disappear”

21.chu ishikawa-“lost”(from the film soundtrack tetsuo)


23.visonia-“opal`s sunflowers”

24.the Woodleigh research facility(Andrew weatherall&nina walsh)-“test result 3:aeronauts:the next phase”

25.bullion-“never is the change”

26.el txef_A-“we walked home together”(reinhard voigt rmx)

27.portable-“I reflect thee”

28.asa moto(aka soulwax)-“stay awake”(vocals by Gabriel janssens)

29.aquazul(aka soulwax)-“slippy fingers”(from soulwax present:belgica)

30.alias-“civil defense”(ivan smagghe re-edit)

31.fat white family-“hits hits hits”

32.all them witches-“talisman”

33.wand-“lower order”

34.savages-“sad person”

35.lnzndrf-beneth the black sea”

36.carol-“breakdown”(with snowy red)(original)

37.the mekons-“this sporting life”

38.xymox-“going round”

39.yula kasp-“conscious”(pilooski rmx)

40.cabaret nocturne-“blind trust”(jonathan kusuma rmx)

41.theremynt-“vampiros discos”(acid washed rmx)

42.tirogo-“disco maniac”

43.rutes-“tick tack”