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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 31/05/16

1.klara lewis-“else”



4.spencer Nilsen`s “ecco the dolphin”-track 14(from the original video game sega soundtrack)

5.df tram-“soul exchange”(animat mix)

6.blancmange-“judge mental”

7.james blake-“giving up”

8.bob Dylan-“young at heart”

9.sandy denny-“fotheringay”(acoustic)

10.brisa roche-“each one of us”


12.james k.-“r.i.p”

13.suuns-« paralyzer »

14.teho teardo&blixa bargeld-« the beast »

15.poldoore-“Antarctic circle”

16.higher authorities-“the clone”

17.farm-“snake charmer”(from the original soundtrack recording of the innermost limits of pure fun)

18.isao tomita/the helpful souls-“lovely milliam”(from the original motion picture soundtrack of a thousand&one nights)

19.twins-coil(Egyptian basses edit)

20.mark Pritchard&Kaitlyn Aurelia smith-“now:now”(absolut collaboration)


22.anohni(aka anthony)-“hopelessness”

23.w.l-“sketches from an island”(on international feel)

24.condor gruppe-“all is loneliness”(a moondog cover)

25.strooly-“never look back”(bored lord x mini van markus rmx)

26.magical ring-“dreams in the wind”

27.pacifica-“memory man”(orig.)

28.few lab-“feet into the water”(orig.mix)

29.robert wyatt&Bertrand burgalat-“this summer night”

30.kaytranada-“one too many”(ft. phonte)

31.fred und luna-“im modehaus”

32.pantha du prince-„frau im mond,sterne laufen“

33.minor victories-„give up the ghost“

34.visonia-“juan de Arco”

35.ron&neil-“perdre son éclat »manpower rmx)

36.c.a.r vs red axes-“incognito(il est vilaine rmx)

37.moscoman-« fernandez »(red axes rmx)

38.gipsy family&linda lamb-« west of lily »

39.shit robot-“OB-8”(winter mix)


41.goudi-“high on you”

42.the collectors-“looking at a baby”

43.black mountain-“defector”

44.fumaca preta-“decimo andar”

45.goat-“it`s time for fun”

46.disconnection-“bali hai(uk disco mix)( a “south pacific” musical cover)

47.m.in&pete kaltenburg-“better you”(dosem rmx)