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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 31/03/15

1.four tet-“gillie amma I love you”.2.llous&decuyper-“berceuse”.3.bobby brown-“in search of a dream”(live 78)4. h. zazou,steven brown/sakamoto/b. cogan-“de lame pour lame”(text Patti smith)-( on a unreleased 3 titles promo cd for hector zazous sahara blue -poems by a. Rimbaud project).5.gilb`r-“approaching kether”.6.mono, poly-“alpha&omega”.7.grasscut-“snowdown”.8.john renbourn&bert jansch-“lucky thirteen”.9.the penelopes&Morpheus-“licked by love”(I monster version).10.john cale-“antartica starts here”.

11.moondog-“guggisberglied”.12.bernthöler-“my suitor”.13.portico-“memory of newness”feat. jamie woon.14.mark lanegan band-“no bells on Sunday”(moon gangs rmx).15.visti&meyland-“hand in hand”( excerpt).16.bonnie&klein-“demode”.17.john carpenter-“vortex”.18.björk-“atom dance”.19.gong-“tropical fish ,selene”.20. 9th cloud-“recommending silence”.

21.dizz1-“get em up”feat.frank nitt(danny breaks rmx).22.roots manuva-“facety 2:11”( prod. Four tet).23.dan deacon-“learning to relax”.24.hv ob-“ghost”.25.mugwump-“a quarter heart left”.26.beaner-“zucker manns geburstags feier“.27.descendant/niko marks-„descendant“.28.caribou-„leave house“(motor city drum ensemble rmx).29.legowelt-“lumeria2”.30.vessels-“attica”.

31.peter janes-“do you believe(love is built on a dream).32.the box tops-“cry like a baby”.33.fenomeni-“solamente un sogno”.34.the yankee dollar-“sanctuary”.35.bump-“Winston built the bridge”.36.the greatest show on earth-“story times&nursery rhymes”.37.moon duo-“slow down low”.38.lonelady-“into the cave”.39.the pop group-“citizen zombie”.40.gang of four-“broken talk”.

41.vermont-“über sprung”(mano le tough mix).42.mugwump with samy Birnbach/Morpheus-“breakdown”(a snowy red cover).43.speaking minds-“who the fuck cares”(Christian prommer rmx).