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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 31/07/2018

1.eno-“flora and fauna/gleise 581d”
2.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“flight of fancy”
3.jonny greenwood-“tehellet”(from bodysong film soundtrack)
5.bobby beausoleil-“Lucifer rising track 1”(the original unissued fil soundtrack)
6.pieter nooten-“fieldz”
7.pablo s eye-“I have no other compass”
8.danny wolfers-“prophecy dusting”
10.tom trago-“underwater wings”
11.oneohtrix point never-“trance1”
12.gorillaz-“one percent”
13.aisha badru-“splintered”
14.mark lanegan&duke garwood-“with animals”
15.tom rush-“corina, corina”
16.troels hammer-“boys in the river”
17.leon vynehall-“Julia(footnote iv)”
18.can-“oscura primavera”
19.david allen-“poet for sale”
20.paul de jong-“doomed”
21.ingus bauskenieks-“aizlid oja klavas”
22.hifiklub&lee renaldo feat.ikue mori-“someone drifted out over the edge”(edit)
23.kikagaku moyo-“kodama”
24.eleanor friedberger-“rule of action”
25.ray lamontagne-“as black as blood is blue”
26.throbbing gristle-“five knuckle shuffle”(live at the factory Manchester 79`)
27.underworld&iggy pop-“get your shirt”
28.laurent pernice-“l incendie”
29.aboriginal voices-“le jour l ennuie »
30.poptone-« performance »
31.p.i.l-« criminal »
32.nova materia-« nov power”
33.les rallizes denudes-« enter the mirror »(live 77`)
34.slaughter&the dogs-“scream and scream again”
35.immersion-“manic toys”
37.the last poets-“she is”
38.gümix&shanti roots feat.hubert tubbs-“how it is”
39.orb-“rush hill road”
40.the temptations-“ungena za ulimwengu(unite the world)”
41.eddie kendricks-“goin up in smoke”
42.patrick forgas-“sex move”
43.jungle-“happy man”(radio edit)
45.onyx-“planet x”